A Week of Highlights

Last week was a blur of work, rainy weather, and time with friends over the weekend. We even got a few hours of sun on Saturday! So, now that I am already back into another blur of a week (and the Bachelorette premier!), here is last week's highlights. Less words, more pictures. Enjoy!

Laundry + flowers = Melted heart. 
I came home late Wednesday night to all of my laundry done (and even hung to line dry!) and fresh flowers in an antique milk jug. My heart melted. I love Brian.
Teacher Appreciation Week.
Last week was teacher appreciation week. Every morning, the parents from a grade at my school provided breakfast for the staff. It is one of my favorite weeks of the year. Not only did I eat all of those guilty pleasures like scones and muffins as soon as I arrived at school each morning, but I also decided to not pack lunch all week and continue to binge throughout the afternoon on leftover donuts and bagels. Our families are the best, and they made us teachers feel so loved!
There was also a tree hung with heart-felt messages from the kids and their families. Leaves scattered the walls throughout the school and were fun to read all week.
The Return of Happy Hour.
I am the one and only member of the "happy hour committee" at work, and plan the happy hour location each and every Friday. After weeks of weekend travels and family visits, I finally was able to return to Brooklyn Public on Friday for a Blue Moon and oversized plate of nachos. Ahhh... (sigh of relaxation).
Sunshine, Brooklyn Flea, and a four-hour talent show. 
Saturday morning, I was so happy to wake up to the sun shining through my curtains. That's right, the SUN! I had a busy day planned, and headed out to Brooklyn by 11 am. I love how I can see the shimmering peaks of the Chrysler Building and the Empire State Building on my walk to transfer to the G train. 

Once I arrived in Brooklyn, I met up with Brianne and Mike at the Brooklyn Flea. We bumped into David as we arrived, and had a blast wandering around the market and eating lots of good food. 
Oh, how I love her clogs!
I was so excited to finally get to try Dough, a donut shop I had been hearing about for months. Let me just say, the Cafe au Lait and Chocolate Mint donuts did not disappoint! 
Random box of pictures, anyone?
Brianne and I walked over to school for our kids' annual talent show after chowing down on Calixto Huaraches. Oh, and I might have had a scoop of Blue Marble Ice Cream too. It was a good thing we ate a lot before we arrived, because little did we know we were in for a solid four hours of raw, elementary school talent. Even though it was a little long, it was really nice to get to be there supporting the kids. 

After the talent show, we ate dinner at a new bagel shop on DeKalb and then split a strawberry Nutella crepe next door. After a beer at a bar on 5th Avenue in Park Slope, I called it a night and headed home. 
Like I said, now I am back to another blur of a week packed with work and... rain. Boo. Hope you are all have a wonderful week! 
Also, I am officially up and tweeting on Twitter, so you should follow me if you are too! 

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  1. Oh miss Daina... how do you manage to eat all that crap, but stay so little?! Oh and, your Brian reminds me so much of my Steven, to the little things!!


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