Almost Official.

At school, we have not one, not two, but SIX lovely engaged ladies! So, in honor of their fabulousness and upcoming nuptials, we decided to throw them a bridal shower. Sahba, Maia, and I planned, cards were passed from classroom to classroom, and before we knew it, the party day arrived.
Our six blushing brides: Becky, Allison, Danielle, Michelle, Michelle, and Nicole.
I have realized that I truly love organizing and throwing parties. I love every part of it- the food, the decorations, the guest lists, and the games. Parties just make me smile.
After the brides arrived, they found their pictures hanging across the patio space, along with their cards. We mingled as we snacked on the buffet of salads, tea sandwiches, chips, and fruit.
Once plates had been filled and emptied, we gathered the group to listen to stories about the couples. Each girl either told the story of how she met her fiance or the proposal story. And they were all so cute. Then, we surprised all of the brides by asking them four questions that we had already had their fiances answer. Luckily, they all did incredibly well and answered almost every question the same way their fiances did. Nice job ladies.
Some of their answers were pretty funny...
Next, I quickly assembled teams for one of my all time favorites, the toilet paper wedding dress game. Now, for some reason, my friends and I played this at birthday parties in the 5th and 6th grades. I have no idea why. We were just weirdos. This was my first time playing as an adult, and the game did not disappoint. Each team quickly strategized and began spinning their roles of TP into strapless gowns, halters, and grecian dresses.
After four minutes of dress construction, we had a bridal fashion show. We laughed as the girls strutted their stuff to I'm Too Sexy.
The rest of the night was filled with more food, desserts, and laughter. I can't say it enough; I love the people I work with.
And I love a good party.


  1. Looks like it was fun and really beautiful! That's S's patio right? I was there with you in my heart. Soon I will be there in person! Lots of Love!

  2. Love the dress fashion show! Everything about weddings are so much fun, love them!


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