Garden Party

Last night, our board members threw a garden barbecue in honor of our school's first five years. Teachers and staff members mingled over burgers, pasta salads, wine, and ice cold beer. We were surrounded by trees and the beautiful brownstones of Brooklyn Heights, and it was wonderful. Those perfect NYC summer nights are finally back, and I love them. I will never get over the charm of Brooklyn Heights, and could wander the streets for hours taking pictures of the architecture, cafes, and skyline views of Manhattan.

Note: The picture of Sahba and I below was taken to illustrate the annoyance of teachers always having at least two big bags to lug around the city at all times. I don't know why, but without fail I need to bring enough stuff to work every day that requires not one, but two oversized totes or purses.


  1. I want to have a garden party. Darling dress! And two bags is just an excuse for more purses, right? ;)

  2. Sounds like a lovely time. And I'm with Nikki, I want a to have a garden party! ha ha. These pictures are making me want a hot dog! lol


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