Meatpacking District 2x

On Tuesday, I was lucky enough to have not one, but two adventures planned in the Meatpacking district. My first adventure was a picnic with Sahba, Allison, and Brianne. I was giddy for the afternoon ahead as I walked through the 8th Avenue subway station.
We met up at Chelsea Market to stock up on tasty treats and beverages before finding our perfect lunch spot.
I first discovered Chelsea Market last year with my mom, and it has not lost any of its appeal since my first time there. The selection of bakeries is magnificent and I find new items to satisfy my sweet tooth with each visit. After watching a show on the Cooking Channel earlier this week and learning about Liddabit Sweets (based out of Brooklyn), I decided my first stop would have to be at Lucy's Whey, one of the stores that carries a small selection of their candies. When I spotted beer and pretzel caramels, I knew I had to have one. Yes, they each cost $1, but it was worth it.
Allison was in love the second she spotted this giant Nutella. 
After getting our sandwiches, rosemary french fries, and iced teas, we made our way to a small park near the Highline for our picnic.
It may not have been exactly how Sahba envisioned it (picture four girls sitting on a picnic blanket in Paris chatting as they eat baguettes, fancy cheeses, and grapes), but it was lovely all the same. I especially likes the cheddar grilled cheese with fig jam from Lucy's Whey (sandwich on the far right).
There is nothing better than relaxing on a NYC summer afternoon with three girlfriends who just so happen to have the same two months off that you do. We love summer.
And I love these ladies. 
After our picnic in the park, I hustled back to Queens, showered, and headed back to the same neighborhood for adventure number two...
The Standard Bier Garten. Astoria is known for their two beers gardens, so it is always a little hard to leave my neighborhood to check out what the other boroughs have to offer. But I was impressed by the Standard. It was quite a scene and a fantastic place to people watch.
Me, Rachel, Brianne, and Mansi. 
The pretzels were also amazing, and worth another trip back for.
Hannah and I later in the evening. 
After several hours of beer, pretzels, and fun with friends, we strolled through the cobblestone streets and made our way back to our train stations. It was a fabulous day and a great way to kick off my summer!


  1. I love seeing your pictures of all the fun things you do and eat;0. And wow, that is the biggest container of nutella I've ever seen!! Awesome!

  2. The Standard Bier Garten is on my list for my next trip!!! YUMMMMMMMM!!!


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