So much to love.

Last night, our school congregated to Graziella's in Clinton Hill for our annual end of the year dinner. When our staff gets together with unlimited amounts of pizza, beer, and wine, you know it is going to be a great night. And it was.
I know I say it time and time again, but I truly love the people I work with. They are so kind, inspiring, creative, and fun. Working with them makes me job so much easier and more enjoyable. With that being said, here are some photos that only begin to capture how great my colleagues are... 
And I can't talk about a dinner at Graziella's without at least a few pictures of the pizza, wine, and desserts. It was all so good. I learned that there is one salad I actually do like... which is the salad with Parmesan on top of a pizza. Delicious.
My love for all things related to my job continued today with another field trip, this time taking a water taxi around downtown Manhattan and underneath the Brooklyn Bridge. My second grade buddy and I share a love of Saltwater sandals. We had a great time chatting about our Maine summer vacations and cats as we rode the train into Manhattan and walked through the Seaport hand in hand.
The kids loved the boat ride and eagerly awaited their turn to stand at the front railing as the ferry made its way to towards the Statue of Liberty. The trip was the perfect way to celebrate our transportation and bridge studies, and everyone had a wonderful time.
With my co-teacher, David. 
Second grade team. 
New York City, you definitely did not disappoint this week. I heart you.

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