I love Minnesota because...

...my friends that I grew up with are here. The friends that knew me when I was a pimple-faced, giddy teenager who was obsessed with Mason Jennings and Taco Bell. The friends that went to Cold Stone with me on a weekly basis for cake batter ice cream. The friends that didn't judge me when I wore scrubs and old t-shirts to high school. And the friends who jammed out in my Honda Civic to Jesse's Girl and She Drives Me Crazy as we aimlessly drove around Maple Grove. No where else do I have girlfriends who know me like they do.

The trips to Taco Bell have stopped and my Honda Civic has been sold, but those amazing girlfriends remain. And now, they come with the cutest little babies. Earlier this week, my friend Sara and her adorable baby boy Ozzy joined my family for dinner. I got to meet Ozzy when he was one day old back in April, and he has only gotten cuter with age.
Sara and Ozzy are the perfect pair.
Ozzy was such a good boy and just sat quietly observing as we caught up. It was the perfect evening.
Today, I caught up with Catie and Caroline over lunch, ice cream, and a little shopping. Caroline is such a doll, and I can't wait to meet her future brother or sister in November. She has always looked like her daddy, but I see so much of Catie in her.
It was so great to get to see both Sara and Catie this week. They are both such amazing moms and their kids are too cute for words.

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  1. I miss taco bell! We ate sooo many cheesy gordita crunches...it was ridiculous. Cute babies and cute mamas (Catie looks fantastic!!!)


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