On Tuesday, we had an earthquake. My chair actually shook for a few seconds on Jones Beach, and until I started getting text messages about the quake a minute later, I had no idea what was happening. Because those just don't happen in New York City.

And now we are gearing up for a hurricane. This is another New York first for me. The official hurricane warning for Irene was issued today, along with mandatory evacuations throughout the boroughs. Mass transit shuts down tomorrow at noon, and then the waiting begins. Luckily, I picked up a few flashlights and packs of batteries yesterday before shelves were cleared out today. The whole city is buzzing with talk of power outages, ten foot waves, flooding, bottled water, taping windows, and the unknown. I walked by carts piled high with food and water and empty bread shelves tonight at the grocery store. Irene is on everyone's minds. 
So, for the next few days I will be away from my computer and safely nestled in my apartment with Brian and Boo. Hopefully I will not have to use my stash of candles, but if I do my house will smell like fresh baked cookies, winter (evergreen/pine), orange sapphire, mulled wine, caribbean escape, frosted cupcake, and geranium. It will be interesting. Stay safe east coasters! 


  1. Thinking about you and the rest of the East Coast. Be safe!

  2. Hang in there, my guy says the news ppl are hyping this storm way worse than it will be for you New Yorkers! :)

  3. Looking on the bright side, a day our two relaxing with your man and your kitty sounds nice :)

    sidenote: I am now addicted to pinterest!

  4. Stay safe, I'm hoping her bark is worst than her bite! xo

  5. I think things ended up okay for you guys right? Glad you made it through safe. So happy you had more beer than water for your reserves ;)


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