Macarons, an unmade bed, and fresh flowers. It's all about the little things.

Here are some little things from my week that brought big amounts of joy to my life.

Macarons. I (gasp) had actually never tried macarons until less than a week ago. I really don't know how I waited so long. First of all, they are beautiful. The colors, the perfectly formed circular cookies, the crispy outside with the soft center... oh, they are heaven. Brian surprised me with not one, not two, but four macarons from Financier Patisserie after my first week of school. I loved the coffee and chocolate flavors. And the pistachio, too. I just loved them.
Fresh flowers. There is really nothing better. I will never tire of walking into my apartment and finding fresh flowers sitting on my counter with a note from Brian. It actually makes me exclaim ooohhhh! in that girly tone each and every time. I am a sucker for a romantic gesture.
Love letter post-its. The best part about love letter post-its is that I can stick them inside cupboards, closets, and dressers long after they were written, and smile every day when I see them. This one will be stuck next to my jewelry boxes for weeks to come.
An unmade bed. I try to make my bed every morning in hopes that it will jump start my day. But, on Saturday I purposefully left a pile of blankets and sheets in a heap near the foot of my bed with every intention of taking a long nap that afternoon. And boy did I nap. Sunshine poured through my windows as I slept the afternoon hours away. And I didn't even feel bad. It was so needed and so worth it.
Watching the sun rise. This is my view every morning as I wait on the subway platform. I love that the trains are above ground in Astoria. Not a bad way to start my commute.
Happy feet. I mean, how could they not be happy in these shoes?
And happy kids. My school community lives and breathes our six core values- honor yourself and others, work together, work hard, help each other, try new things, and be reflective. It is amazing to see a group of children come together and use a common language around these values when talking to one another, solving problems, and learning together.

This week, my second graders discussed what it meant to honor yourself and others. They sat in a circle, knee to knee criss cross applesauce around my blue rug, and explained that honoring yourself means that you are proud of yourself and that you keep yourself safe. You are kind, you listen, and you help the people around you. After reading a book illustrating exactly those characteristics, they went off and thought about a quality they loved about themselves. At the end of the day, they had time to share all of the qualities they love. And they were so wonderful. Listening to my kids say things like, I am good at talking to people when I am sad or mad, I am proud of my curly hair and brown skin, or I am a good friend reaffirm that I have the best job on earth. Because I get to spend my days with the most amazing little beings. They amaze me every. single. day.
New shoes. Can someone please tell me why it took me 26 years to own a pair of Converse All-Stars? Loving the purplish-burgundy color of my first pair.
There you have it, another list of some little things that I love. I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

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  1. Your star tattoo is so perfectly matched with those adorable rainbow shoes!

    I love hearing that you love your job so much. Unfortunately, so few do. I think I feel the same way about my therapy clients as you do about your students. Having a job with such a personal element really is fulfilling.

  2. Hi there! Love your student work. I'm a teacher as well and really love those core values. I need to post it note them to my desk. :) Here's to a great friday! Cheers--Laura

  3. LOVE both pairs of your shoes. I've got to get myself a pair of the converse shoes. Have always pined for them. I just starting following your site, so glad to have found you from the Aisle to Aloha. I am a MN girl too. Look forward to reading more!

  4. Cheers to your romantic husband! The love note is adorable. I rarely make my bed as I am a big fan of naps. =) The school you teach at sound amazing. I love the core values. My daughter is a big fan of school and is so happy to go. I hope it always continues to be so for her. Happy weekend!

  5. First, Converse are the most fantastic shoes of all time. Congratulations on your first pair.
    Second, I LOVE your star tattoo. Love.
    Third, I used to teach second grade (before I had kids) and I got all mushy reading about your class. Teaching is such an amazing job!

  6. this is an awesome list. Your bed looks so cozy and WHERE did you get those awesome sandals? They're so happy! :)

    Thanks for linking up with me, Daina!

  7. That cookie looks fab and congrats on your first pair of all stars, I love both of mine (they're a bit dirtier than yours) can't wait to get more someday!

  8. those shoes! I want! Also love letter post its? real life?!?! Getting those!

  9. This is a great post of it's the little things!

    Those shoes are so happy! Simply precious.

    Thanks for sharing your pictures and thoughts!


  10. I LOVE your list! Those sandals are so cute and I absolutely love my chucks. Also, I have never tried a macaroon before but it looks so, so good.

    New follower, please stop on by..

  11. loooovvveeddddd this. love the core value bit. i have to find a way to put that on our website. SO adorable.

    anyway - it's alllll about the little things. so true. love your work!

  12. It is a fact that I have never had a macaroon. Perhaps I will try one someday. I don't know why I haven't, other than I just haven't. It looks like you have had a wonderful week! I love that you are discovering Converse :D I had a hot pink pair in college that I wore until they literally were falling off my feet. I then cried and threw them away.

  13. *Love* the subway sunrise shot! I lived in Queens for a long time and that view easily one of my favourite things in the world. Also, I've never had a macaron. Also, I really really like your bedspread!

  14. Love that unmade bed shot. I'm adding that to my photography challenge list. Your quilt looks beautiful!


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