Take me out to the ballgame.

Road trips with Brian are always fantastic. We jam out to our favorite Guster albums, share cups of bold coffee, and laugh. Oh god do we laugh... This video is the most recent of many taken over the years from the passenger seat of a rental car. Brian enters his own world throughout our drives, and I can always sneak a video or two without being caught. That is, until he sees me convulsively shaking and laughing hysterically (notice the camera shaking about half way through).

Needless to say, I am quite entertained on our road trips.

After stopping for lunch in Massachusetts, we hopped back in the car to drive the final couple hours to Boston. After our seat belts were buckled, I realized we never picked up treats to snack on. As soon as I said the word Whatchamacallit, a king size candy bar literally flew onto my lap. I shrieked with excited. I might have even clapped my hands. I was so surprised that Brian snuck into the gas station to get my favorite road trip treat while I was in the bathroom. What a guy. So, although this picture is not the greatest, it captures the pure joy of that moment perfectly.
We arrived in Newton Saturday night and enjoyed a relaxing night in at the hotel. On Sunday morning we drove into the city and admired the ivy covered houses as we strolled through the Back Bay. We had breakfast in Kenmore Square and then made our way to Fenway. I get excited butterflies in my stomach every time I see the distinct green color of that park. Brian and I have gone to a game every year, and returning to the famous park always brings back so many wonderful memories. Dates at Fenway are the best.
After waiting several innings during our last game for my favorite ballpark treat, we decided to purchase our giant bag of kettle corn before the game started this time around. Best. Choice. Ever. Not only did we not have to wait in line, but I got to snack on the perfectly sweet and salty treat throughout every inning.
We also enjoyed a sausage and peppers...
...and fried dough. When in Rome, right? 
Even though the Sox lost to Tampa Bay, we still had a great time at the game. GO SOX!


  1. mmmmm...I heart hoagies. I grew up in PA for awhile as a kid and I miss them so much. Anyways. I saw that you were needing more followers through a friend on twitter. I hope I helped some. I have been sitting at 52 for like a week and I know the feeling of like "come on people! I'm awesome" So I'm glad to follow and really like your blog! =)) Ok, I rambled on too much.

  2. You are so cute!! I stumbled across your blog and just love it! I'm always a fan of long road trips where you have plenty of time for great stories and a good laugh. :)

  3. This seriously looks like the best day ever. Pretty sure sausage and peppers cinched it.

  4. That looks like soo much fun! I visited Boston in 2008, but we sadly didn't make it to a Red Sox game. I've always wanted to watch baseball in the "green monster!"

  5. AH! I am going to Fenway tomorrow and currently live in sunny Southern California. This post made me so excited to see it myself :) Thanks for sharing!

  6. Oh my! The best part about that video is the fact that he doesn't once look over til he's done to see what your reaction is. Like he's embarrassed when he sees the camera. That was great, I was holding back laughter at my desk just now.

  7. That video had me laughing till I cried. I thought he knew he was being video taped. Does he have any idea that you posted it? Too funny!!

  8. Oh man... Boston is such a great city! I grew up in CT and loved field trips up there! Your road trips look very exciting!

  9. Looks like a fabulous day! Love the photos!
    My husband and I LOVE road trips as well. They are soooo fun!


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