Fall has arrived (in Minnesota).

Fall has officially arrived in Minnesota. I was in awe of the scenery on my drive up north last weekend  from the cities. The highway was lined with trees the entire drive, and the leaves literally looked like they were on fire. It was absolutely beautiful. My poor brother had to listen to me point out each and every bright yellow or deep red tree on our two hour drive. I was a little excited.

Unfortunately, I couldn't take pictures while driving the car, but I did walk around with my camera near my grandma's house. I can't wait until the leaves in New York City look like this!


  1. My favorite part of fall :) I'm loving the beautiful leaves. Where I live in MN though we got a LOT of wind yesterday and it blew a lot of our pretty leaves off the trees :(

  2. This is the type of weather I want to have!! Too bad Southern California is permanently hot and season-less!! Anyway, beautiful pictures!!

  3. Wow beautiful photos! Now I suppose I should go an take some Spring photos of New Zealand! :)

  4. aaahhh - sssssooo beautiful!!!


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