A perfect day.

Today was one of those fall days that I will always remember. The air was cool, the leaves were changing, and Brian, Emily, and I went apple picking together for the first time. It was perfect.

We spent the day at Applewood Orchards in Warwick, NY. We munched on hot donuts and sipped cider as soon as we arrived.
Then, we got our apple bag and hopped on a tractor that we rode deep into the rows of apple trees.
We were really excited...
We spent hours walking from tree to tree in search of the best apples, many of which we ate before leaving the orchard.
Throughout the day Brian declared (with genuine excitement), "I have found the perfect apple. This is the best apple of the day!" We walked away with a bag full of delicious apples thanks to his determination and commitment to apple picking. He was in it to win it. 
It was the perfect day. Absolutely perfect.


  1. That was a perfect day indeed! And now I am craving an apple :)

  2. love the pics and look like so much FUN!!! :D

    Hi! from Mano y Metal+your newest blog follower!


  3. Yum! Fall makes me think of crisp apples too! When I was little, I always got delicious crisp apples when trick or treating (I'm diabetic), and I blogged today about the tractor show we went to yesterday ... they were giving away fresh crisp apples. Yumm!! Excitement! :)

  4. Awww! What sweet pictures. Looks like you guys had a ball and I love your perfectly autumnal outfit:)

  5. It does look like it was the perfect day! So much fun!

  6. Ah, you were up in my old stomping grounds. I lived in Orange County for a LOOOOOOOOOONG time. Oh, and were you wearing Soul Mate? That's my go-to dark. :-)

  7. hey Daina! I looove your hat in this post! Where did it come from? It has the perfect slouch!


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