Thankful for the little things.

Cheers to another week full of little things that made me happy...

Girls' night in. My friend Lindsey and I lived together throughout college. She was the perfect roommate. She cooked, I baked, and we both cleaned. We shared clothes, we okayed outfits on a daily basis, and mom danced around the apartment before going out. We also loved chatting for hours on our futon while watching Sex in the City. Even though we have lived apart for four years, we both still text each other frequently saying we miss having each other in the next room for all of those little things that we were so used to.

So when we finally found a Saturday night to catch up after a very busy September, it only seemed appropriate to plan a girls' night in. We ordered my favorite pizza (the "great grandmother pie") from the pizza parlor around the corner, popped a bottle of champagne, and plowed through Season 5 of SATC while catching up. And it was really nice. Oh... and I baked. A girls' night is not complete without cookies!
A view. Brian and I stopped at Old Navy on Sunday night, and this was the view from the parking ramp. Not too bad...
Colombian cheese bread. When I was a bartender at a restaurant in midtown during college, a friend used to bring in the most delicious Colombian cheese bread every Sunday at the beginning of his shift. It was always a highlight of my Sunday shift. When I moved to Queens, I was pumped when Brian told me there were two Colombian bakeries within walking distance from my apartment. So, I still get to have my cheese bread treat on Sundays (or any day for that matter) whenever I crave it. This week, I stopped into the bakery on Sunday and chomped on a piece of bread as I walked to my manicure. It was perfect.
A dentist appointment. The dentist terrifies me. After twenty five years with no cavities, I was shocked last year when my new dentist told me I had a ton of cavities that need to be filled. Like, a ton. After a year of appointments and several muscle relaxer prescriptions to ease my jaw pain (and nerves), I am still not cavity free. But, there are some good things that go along with my trips to the dentist. Everyone at the office is wonderful, I get new toothbrushes, paste, and gum with every visit, and I get to walk through Grand Central Station every time I go.

I rarely commute through Grand Central Station, so I always love walking through the main terminal and vaulted hallways on my way to and from the dentist. The lights, the marble, the opal clock, and the distinctly colored ceilings make me smile every time I see them. It is an absolutely beautiful space. 
An unexpected package. I found a shiny silver package waiting for me in my mailbox a few days ago. My dad sent me a book he just finished reading, and I am looking forward to starting it soon. It was a fun, unexpected surprise among the usual bills and catalogs.
ZUMBA. Tried it. Loved it. Can't wait for my next class.

Doing something little in hopes of making a big difference. This Sunday, I will be making strides against breast cancer by participating in a five mile walk in Central Park. I am very excited to participate in this event and raise money for an amazing cause. Lindsey and I will be walking with a team from her school. If you would like to donate to my fundraising efforts, please visit my fundraising page. Remember, every single dollar helps!

Aisle to Aloha


  1. great things to be thankful for! Love the pictures. New York looks beautiful!

  2. I love your positive and grateful outlook on everything... even going to the dentist :)

  3. I think the ceiling in Grand Central is one of the most beautiful things in the city! Whenever I'm nearby I just have to stop in and look up :-)

  4. A girls night in sounds perfect. Looks like you had a lovely evening.
    And I love surprises in the mail! I recently got a bunch of surprises and they made me unbelievably happy!

  5. The view from the Old Navy ramp and heading through Grand Central Station to get to the dentist??? Lucky, lucky lady.

  6. The girls night in looked like perfection. Makes me a bit lonely for my friends. Have a great weekend!

  7. Oh man. I totally need to go to the dentist. After growing up in the ortho chair, I loathe having my sensitive teeth worked on. I think I have some fillings that need replacing. Wish me luck!

  8. I love your pictures of the city! I've never been {bucket list item!} and seeing your pictures makes me want to hop on a plane TODAY! :)

  9. The Girls Night In sounds HEAVENLY. I think it's so important not to forget to do those throughout life, and not to lose touch with the joy we find in friends - it's not just for the college years! Good for y'all! :)

  10. City views aren't that bad ;) I love when my parents send me stuff. Dad's have such a dorky fun way of showing us they care :)

  11. i love Zumba too! Isn't it a blast?? I haven't been in forever, that makes me want to go again.

    Thanks for linking up, Daina! Love your lists each week! :)

  12. I have always wanted to visit New York and STILL haven't been! Your pictures are amazing! I have a friend that just moved there so I have no excuse not to visit now.

  13. yikes! cavities suck! i should probably schedule a dentist appointment one of these days...but that cheese bread and your girls' night in yummies look sooooo good!!!


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