Cast Your Vote!

Hey guys! New York State of Mind has been nominated as a top blog of 2011 by the Blogger Guidebook, and now I need your votes to stay in the running! I am so grateful to be a part of the blogging community and honored to be on the Blog Guidebook's list full of amazing blogs.

So, please head on over to the Blog Guidebook and click the button next to Diana- New York State of Mind (yep, Diana, not Daina... not the first time that has happened!). Thank you so much for your support! Vote here.

Also, I am in need of some more "official" followers to stay in the race. So, if you are not following me through Google Friends Connect, Pinterest, or  Facebook, please do! I would love to meet you!

Thanks again for your support and for reading my blog. I truly appreciate it!


Thanks so much for leaving a comment. I read and appreciate every comment and respond as much as possible. Thanks for reading!

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