Joys of a Saturday

Slowly waking up with no alarms set...
Phone calls with family...

Bottomless cups of coffee throughout the morning and afternoon...
Matthew and the Atlas, Guster, Beirut, and Ben Harper...

Lounging in the sun...
Tidying up a week's worth of clutter...

Slippers, pajamas, and 500 Days of Summer...
Updating calendars and starting a new countdown for my next trip to Florida...

Wearing sweatpants instead of jeans...

Iced skinny peppermint mochas... 

Planning my next baking endeavors...
Freshly painted nails... 

Thai food ordered in and a much needed movie date... 

Thankful for feeling refreshed, relaxed, and happy. 


  1. I love a lazy Saturday and love your bedspread!

    I have the same amore cup by the way, perfect for valentine's day.

    I spent my day with two dirty dogs...don't have a kitty but would like too.

  2. This sounds like a wonderful Saturday! I love waking up to no alarm and then just hanging out all day and relaxing.

  3. Hi Daina! I hopped over here from Simple Things Sunday, and I LOVE your post. Your Saturday looks so cozy and comfy! I love lazy weekend days! And, as a side note, there just aren't many things better in this world than Magnolia's. Yum!!! Hope the rest of your weekend is great!

  4. Your Saturday sounds like a little slice of heaven! And your cat is just too cute for words! :D

  5. Beautiful photography. I love the reflection in the puddle on your blog header. Saturdays are such a different pace from the rest of the week.

  6. That is such a neat series! Of course I loooove the cat photo, but I'm partial. Oh, and I have the same Magnolia cookbook!


  7. hey stranger! can't wait to hear more about this trip to florida! xo

  8. this sounds wonderful. i love lists ... especially lists of the little things. :)

  9. pretty blog! i love the coffee cup :) look forward to reading more!



  10. ohhh...love your photos and the sounds of your day! heavenly. love staying home in my comfies just hanging out! and I love snicker doodles! thanks for linking up this week. :)

  11. Looks so fun! I love 500 Days of Summer! Top notch!

  12. I love your bedspread, and your cat! :)


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