Life according to Instagram, Week 2.

I am back with another week in review, brought to you by Instagram. This week felt long, stressful, and busy, but was also full of moments that made me happy.  
1. I had a horrible case of the Mondays on the 23rd, and the gloomy, rainy weather did not help my mood. After reading Jenni's blog post later that day, I realized that I was suffering from Blue Monday (for real). Luckily, my week perked up after that.
2. Lots of color on Tuesday! My favorite gloves, patterned mug, and Don't Mess with OPI nails.
3. & 4. Views from my commute home from work- waiting for the Q at Dekalb Avenue and standing clear of the closing doors at Times Square.
5. My view going over the Manhattan bridge every day to and from work. It takes my breath away every single time.
6. My school, my home away from home.
7. & 8. Rainy Friday.
9. Breaking in my new red Toms.
10. Twinsies! I swear, this happens to me at least once a week at work. Apparently, great minds think alike. Stripes, dark denim, and moccasins make up most of my wardrobe.
11. My morning ride.
12. Thank you MTA!
13. I just can't get enough.
14. Winter branches and grey skies.
15. Smash burger's pretzel bun and rosemary fries = perfection.
16. Subway station sunset.
17. Happy birthday Hannah! Celebrating at The Standard Friday night.
18. Brianne and I took full advantage of the extra-large tub in the middle of the room.
19. Breathtaking views of Manhattan from Le Bain.
20. View of the Highline from Hannah's room.
21. The chandeliers at The Standard are beautiful.
22. 2 am cab ride home.
23. Sometimes, a girl just needs an US Weekly and a pedicure.
24. Miami Beet (OPI) with a flash of sparkle (What's Your Poison, Sephora by OPI).

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  1. Wow! It certainly does look like you had a busy week! It's not even Monday yet and I can feel a case of the Monday blues coming on :/

    Love the pic of you and your friend in the bathtub.


  2. Lovely pictures!
    I LOVE your red Toms! I've been wanting a pair for awhile now and now that I know they come in this red, I want a pair even more!

  3. oh.my.word. I love every single one of those pictures. Makes me long to go to NY!! I think I would have to pinch myself too every time I saw that Manhattan skyline. Amazing!!

  4. love your instagrams! Your nails look super cute & that pic of manhattan is so gorgeous.

  5. You have a really cool life! Man those views are just awesome! I feel like I live in the country compared to the big NYC!

    XO. Britt

  6. love your pics! they certainly remind me that i need to make a trip back out there sometime soon!

    new follower :)

  7. Great shots of everyday life! I guess I need to get with this instagram thing! I have no clue what it is but I see that everyone is using it! :)

  8. Hahah, love the tub shot! And all these personal little shots of daily life. Even the most seemingly mundane things can look so interesting in a photo. That's what I love about photography.

    p.s. I take the Q too! Just in a different direction...

  9. I love your TOMS, and rosemary fries sound amazing!


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