There's a place for fun in your life... Mall of America.

While all of my family was home in Minnesota over the holidays, we set aside an entire day to spend at the Mall of America. Because this was one of the main malls I shopped at growing up, I sometimes forget how incredible the place is. But after being away for so long and getting to explore it with my nieces, I see the mall in a whole new way.

The girls were eager to return to Nickelodeon Universe, where they got to see their favorite characters and ride everything from the ferris wheel to the big roller coasters.
Reese spent the day running from ride to ride with Grandpa Chuck, while my mom, sister, Sage, and I shopped around the mall. We found them hours later eating popcorn and bright blue cotton candy near the Pepsi roller coaster, amped to go on their favorite rides one more time. I think Chuck had just as much fun as Reese did. 
Soon after we arrived, my mom and I actually screamed when we discovered that a store dedicated to our favorite Easter candy had recently opened in the center of the mall. Is that a giant Peep? my mom cried as she pointed to the distinct yellow chick from the food court. Why, yes it was.

We were overwhelmed with joy as we stocked up on Peep stuffed animals, cards, socks, and mugs (while wearing Peeps hats, of course). After wandering the store for several minutes, a man walked up to my mom and let her know that the entire store was 40% off. Again, shrieks were heard. Daina, it is all 40% off! I didn't even feel guilty about my purchases after those magical words were spoken. If you are as big of Peeps fans as we are, I highly recommend checking the store out. Pure magic.
Mall of America really is the place for fun in your life. Start to finish, we had a wonderful day there.


  1. omg, a peep store?? That is amazing! I've never been to Mall of America, but it looks INTENSE!!!

  2. oh my god I would love to go to the peeps store!

  3. A peeps store!? That's incredible! Squeals of delight are definitely warranted!

    Looks like a very fun way to spend the day :)


  4. ANd here I thought the Pallisades Mall was huge! I would love to visit the mall of america being the mall rat that I am! :)

  5. An entire Peeps store? That place sounds nuts (in a good way)!

  6. I just saw that store the other weekend when I was there with my sister, but did not go in. I thought what kind of things could they fill a whole peep store with. Too funny! It's nice to go there every once and a while, but it's a zoo every weekend. The food courts, and traffic... but nice that you can find almost anything you want there.

  7. I've never been to Mall of America but it looks exciting! You all look like you had a blast!


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