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I constantly have moments at work when I think, God, I love my job. It might happen when a child writes a beautiful story in writer's workshop, or when I watch a group of kids play, or when my class comes together and talks about the importance of working together and helping our school community. It happens all the time.

But then, there are these moments when I am overcome with gratitude for not only loving what I do, but for getting to teach in the most amazing city. I think to myself, How did I get so incredibly lucky? I had one of these moments on Friday. I spent the day at the Top of the Rock observation deck with my second graders. We are learning about urban, suburban, and rural areas in our transportation study and the transportation needs within each type of community. While we were there, the kids sketched our urban area from a bird's eye view and took notes on all of the characteristics they observed. It was amazing to watch my kids quietly crouch, kneel, and stand around the deck carefully observing and taking notes, completely engaged in what they were doing with the breathtaking skylines surrounding them. And the entire experience truly did take my breath away.
 I feel so lucky to not only love what I do, but to also love the people I work with! Posing with Brianne on the north side of Top of the Rock. 
I feel so lucky to be a teacher in New York City, and will forever appreciate the experiences I have with my kids.


  1. I hear a lot of people say "Oh, I could never raise I child in the city." WHY?!? I really don't get this. Whenever I see kids on the train or walking down the street when they get out of school I can't help but feel a little jealous that they got to grow up in this amazing place, with access to so many amazing things. I'd love to raise a kid here. I'd trade it for a backyard any day of the week.

  2. Wow! What an amazing adventure to just be able to ... take. Because you are a 2nd grader in NYC! I had no idea such places existed at that age, growing up in rural NC. Awesome.

  3. i can't say it enough...you must be loving life.

    i need to escape to NY very soon.


  4. Your photos are amazing, you are quite the photographer!

    I would love to go to New York City someday!

  5. Love the photo taken through the look out scope! And I love that you love your job so much - not very many people can say that!


  6. teaching is awesome.

    follow each other?


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