We will never forget.

I returned to the 9/11 Memorial last week with my parents, and it was just as beautiful as the first time I visited.
We walked around the pools as the sun set on the west side of Manhattan. After circling the North Pool, we returned to the South Pool and found one of my stepdad's friend's names, Darya Lin. Darya was last seen helping a pregnant client on the 78th floor before the South Tower collapsed. Hearing Chuck talk about what an amazing person she was made me think about how many stories I have heard about victims like Darya. Amazing individuals who sacrificed their own lives in the hopes of saving others. I am still incredibly saddened by the events of that day, but hopeful because of people like Darya. 
We will never forget. But I will always hold onto my hope.


  1. What an amazing place to celebrate the lives that were lost, and honor those who gave theirs to help in such a disaster! I hope to visit the 9/11 memorial sometime!!

  2. Beautiful post - and beautiful 9/11 memorial, I can't even imagine how bitter sweet it must be to see it in person. I'd love to visit sometime.


  3. Last time I was in NYC the pools weren't built yet... would love to return soon for a visit. I think they did a great job in honoring those we lost. Beautiful post.

  4. Love that last photo, it's nice to hear stories about people being heroic in terrible situations like that.

  5. I have yet to get there,... beautiful pictures....

  6. What an amazing experience that would have been. I would like to go there, I think. It looks like a beautiful memorial.


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