Life according to Instagram.

Here are some highlights from my week, according to Instagram...
1. My mom is such a trooper. To get the perfect moccasin shot for my little things post, she got down low in the South Street Seaport.
2. The new Freedom Tower in downtown Manhattan. I love how it looks when the sky is really blue.
3. I had the best birthday dinner at BLT Steak on Sunday. Their popovers are a-mazing. So amazing that I purchased a popover pan to attempt their recipe at home (which they give you on that cute little card tied with ribbon!).
4. So is their bacon appetizer. Yes, you can order bacon straight off the menu.
5. Really, could second graders be any cuter?
6. Without fail, my footwear usually matches at least one of my kids' at school.
7. I have been playing Matthew and the Atlas on repeat for the past few weeks. I can't seem to get enough. I Will Remain is my favorite from to the north.
8. I especially love I Followed Fires from this album. And their Pandora station. I just love them.
9. We finally woke up to snow in NYC! I know it will get old fast, but the first snowfall (aside from that horrible October blizzard) is always exciting.
10. Saturday morning blogging.
11. Snow falling outside warranted my snowflake mug. Life is good.
12. Rarely is my name spelled or pronounced correctly. I was overjoyed to see my name, i included, on my peppermint mocha.
13. Playing in the snow!
14. LL Bean shearling boots make me want more snow to fall.
15. Don't Mess with OPI is my new favorite green color.
16. $6 manicures make my week so much better. Bamboo Nails, you will always have a place in my heart.
17. I got to see all of my niece's birthday presents on Skype on Saturday night, including the plate she made at her birthday party.
18. Sage and Reese are the best Skyping pals ever! Technology makes Florida and my beautiful nieces feel less far away.

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  1. love that! What a great way to take cool pictures when you can't always take your camera along.

    Oh, and thanks for stopping by. Just added your blog to my bloglovin list...


  2. Daina - so funny, I noticed that a few of your photos have been from around our area, and just read in your "Dining" section that you used to live right here in Hell's Kitchen. Small world :)

  3. Love this! Love the Don't Mess With OPI color! I wish it would snow down south!

  4. Whoa are they ever moving along fast with the Freedom Tower since I saw it last year!
    You live in my absolute favorite place, and I'm instantly jealous!

  5. LOVE all your pictures and loving your blog. A bit jealous that you get to live in fabulous NYC. Been trying to convince the husband since we met that we should move there. LOVE everything about it.

  6. Instagram is kind of my favorite invention ever. Love the shot of the matching shoes!

    Going to follow you on Instagram, I'm Vanessa_a

  7. Wow! Just listened to Matthew and the Atlas...amazing! Thanks for the great suggestion! :)

  8. Love Matthew and the Atlas! Still dreaming of buying an iphone, but for now- I am a droid girl!

    xo Lynzy

  9. I love that color nail polish. And I'll have to check out that Matthew and the Atlas song!

  10. I absolutely love following you on Instagram. Your pictures make me green with envy. Can I come live with you in NY? Please?!

  11. New follower! Love the shoutout to LLBean :) I'm a New England girl and that stuff is amazing. Also $6 manicures? Another reason why America is the shiz (no offense to my current location, Sweden). I've never truly visited NY (a drive through doesn't count) but I really enjoy seeing the city through your eyes and camera lens!

  12. Looks like a great week! I always get excited when people spell my name right too, usually they do it with a Y at the end or only one L.


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