Life according to Instagram, Week 3.

1. Brian and I had a relaxing Sunday at home, complete with a delicious homemade brunch. And Friends, of course.
2. Boo thought it was delicious, too.
3. Hi, my name is Daina, and I am officially a cat lady. I love her.
4. I came home to this little note on Monday and it made my night. Sometimes it is the little things that make such a big difference.
5. I found myself in midtown a few times this week, and every time I walked by the Empire State Building I couldn't help taking a picture. That building gets me every single time.
6. Another commute, another beautiful morning view from the windows of the Q train.
7-10. I uploaded some old pictures on Instagram this week, and made them new again with different filters. Clockwise from top left: Emily playing on the beach in Maine, a summertime lunch date with my best friend Lindsey, lunch in Portland with my love, and fun at the zoo in Providence, RI.
11. So, I might have worn sneakers from high school to work on Friday. Good things, like bright red Saucony tennis shoes, never get old.
12. One of the many reasons I love New York City: Affordable, fresh flowers can be found at most corner stands.  Fresh roses make me so happy. These yellow beauties brightened my room this week.
13-16. On Friday night, Lindsey and I had a sleepover. We went to Zumba, picked up our favorite Cold Stone combination that we used to buy religiously when we lived together in Hell's Kitchen (cake batter ice cream with graham crackers and red velvet cake), popped fresh popcorn, and watched several episodes of Sex and the City. It was just like old times.
17. & 18. Our weekly pizza dates at home have become one of my favorite things. Brian and I love ordering a great grandma pie from Napoli pizza and watching disc after disc of Friends.
19. My friend Allison is seriously the next Martha Stewart. Last week, she made homemade marshmallows for the first time and the results were perfection. It was so sweet of her to give me some to try!
20. I was so excited to enjoy them in a cup of hot chocolate on Saturday night. Delicious!
21. We stocked up on Saturday for our Super Bowl snacks. Bring on the nachos and buffalo chicken dip!
22. I made some decorations for my red velvet cupcakes for game day. GO PATS!

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  1. Love your food shots...I'm prepping nutricious food for the week ahead. Such a good feeling. Enjoy your day!

  2. Oh I'm a cat lady too! Your furry friend is beautiful :)

  3. Those little sleepovers complete with foods from out in the city (that's how it seems to me) .. and episodes of Sex and the City always make me jealous. I wanna live there!

  4. You make me wish I had an iPhone just so I could use instagram! :)

  5. As a red velvet fanatic, I may just have to try that combo next time I walk by a Cold Stones, which is quite often!

  6. that ice cream sounds so good! I'm gonna have to try that next time!

  7. I always love your re-cap photos, you seem to know how to live life to the fullest by making the most of the little things - it's so important that I remember to do this more often! :)


  8. Your sleepover seems like so much fun! Marshmallows and Cold Stone don't hurt...

  9. One of my favorite things to do is to look through other bloggers instagram posts, I just ADORE it, and these are no different. First of all the marshmellows!!! are you completely joking me!? that pizza, and your fiesta ware, I am a fiesta ware girl too!
    Loved these!

  10. mmmhhh, so many things I love - cats, ice cream, the Empire State Building, pizza dates...

    What a great week :)


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