Life according to Instagram, Week 6 (Part 2, New York City).

1. I can't resist a good bakery when I see one. Fortunately (or unfortunately), they are a dime a dozen here in NYC.
2. Especially when they have linzer tarts. One of my favorites.
3. Lexington Avenue station, on my way to have several cavities filled.
4. One perk of going to the dentist- getting to walk through Grand Central Station.
5. It is such a beautiful place.
6. Did you know that the faces of the clock are made of opal? The clock is valued at over 10 million dollars!
7. The New York Public Library in Bryant Park is also right by my dentist's office.
8. I am embarrassed to say that after living here for nine years, I had never been inside the public library until Friday afternoon. It is absolutely beautiful.
9. There are vaulted ceilings and antique chandeliers everywhere. It truly feels like a palace!
10. Upstairs, dark wood details perfectly contrast the gold ceilings.
11. Hi hedgehog! New gloves to perk up my afternoon.
12. Sometimes I feel like I live on a movie set.
13. Heading home to Queens.
14. Rainy Friday attire. My Diesel jacket and Hunters are the perfect rainy day companions.

Happy Sunday everyone! Want to follow me on Instagram? My username is Daina_A.


  1. I wish our libraries looked like that!

  2. Just got home, after 3 amazing weeks in NYC. I never get tired of that city. Great pics!!!


  3. I love that you post a photo of a bakery you can't resist and the next line is about having a bunch of cavities filled...lol.

  4. You make me miss NYC even more than usual. Cheers for interesting tidbits from your walkabouts around one of the greatest cities on earth...

  5. Sometimes I also feel like your life exists in a story book - such a beautiful city you live in!

    Love your new mittens :)


  6. Wow, New York is beautiful! I think I'd be taking photos all the time if I lived there too!


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