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This month I participated in the February Photo a Day challenge on Instagram. At first, I wasn't sure if I would be able to manage a picture a day, but it actually ended up being a breeze and really fun. Here are my 29 photos for the 29 days of February...

1. A view An early morning view of my subway station in Astoria.
2. Words Spotted on a mailbox in Murray Hill.
3. Hands Just a little bling on our ring fingers.
4. Stranger So many strangers on the Q train.
5. 10 am Fresh flowers, blog posts, and Boo.
6. Dinner Lots of spinach and brown rice!
7. Button On my favorite flannel.
8. Sun Rising at 36th Avenue.
9. Front door My school's core values, proudly displayed on my classroom door.
10. Self portrait A very early morning self portrait on my walk to work.
11. Makes you happy Love makes me so incredibly happy. So does a good cup of coffee in a cute love cup.
12. Inside your closet I have a problem with shoes... I have four of these organizers, as well as boxes and piles of shoes and boots scattered throughout my little one bedroom apartment. When you walk everywhere, good shoes are very important!
13. Blue I ate a whole lot of these in February.
14. Heart Brian has mine.
15. Phone My iPhone case (Jack Spade).
16. Something new My loot after a very successful day at the outlets!
17. Time
18. Drink Red wine and popcorn with my sister in Florida.
19. Something you hate to do There is nothing I dread more than carrying 20 pounds of laundry to the laundromat from my fourth floor walk-up.
20. Handwriting
21. A fave photo of you Taken in the Meatpacking District and used in my very first blog post!
22. Where you work I work in the most amazing city with the most wonderful children. I could not be luckier.
23. Your shoes Returning to the gym after vacationing in Florida.
24. Inside your bathroom cabinet I have no idea why I have eight deodorants and six different face lotions... hoarder...
25. Green Green couch and coffee mug.
26. Night A night spent writing reports and watching the Oscars.
27. Something you ate When you leave work at 8 pm for your hour long commute back to Queens, sometimes these kinds of purchases are made.
28. Money My money has been kept in this wallet for nine years. Coach is quality.
29. Something you are listening to I heard a song from this album last week, and have been listening to it ever since!
I am looking forward to participating again in the March challenge. Are you? If you want to follow me on Instagram, my username is Daina_A.


  1. I was wondering how to post all of my photos, wondering if I should make a collage ...but I think I like your way, so that I can explain each one!

    Love your photos and following you on Instagram. I might live vicariously thru you a bit (I think I have mentioned my love for NYC before). ;-)

  2. Wow, I really enjoyed looking through these, and checking up on your daily photos via twitter :)

    Looks like you had an amazing month!


  3. Wow, I really enjoyed looking through these, and checking up on your daily photos via twitter :)

    Looks like you had an amazing month!


  4. I have been having so much fun doing these daily pictures! I'm going to find you on instagram! My name is ashleykosher =)

  5. I love seeing your life in New York. It's so different from mine in Cali and it's so interesting. I've never lived in the city so I've always wondered things like where you do your laundry and how you grocery shop and carry all of it with no car and how you walk to work? I don't walk ANYWHERE. What if it's snowing?? How do people afford apartments in New York City? Is it because they don't have car payments? I could go on and on...


    Thanks for sharing.

  6. I LOVE your nails in the Hands one! Houndstooth is my fav! I wanted to do it but I don't have instagram (I have a Droid) and wasn't sure how to do it. I guess I could have just posted a pic to Twitter come to think of it! :) Are they doing another one for March?

  7. I have the SAME shoe problem as you do! I have a tote & bin FULL of shoes. That's not even counting my most worn shoes on the floor of my closet! ;)

  8. Ok.. Love that watch! And love that photo of you and Brian. At first I didnt even recognize you because it looked like you had super short hair but I thought it looked AWESOME and you could totally pull it off. Love the pics!

  9. I love your manicure, and the mint M&Ms! I haven't seen them over here, and I am very sad about this. :(
    Anything minty and chocolatey is the best thing ever. :D


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