Tulips, Snickerdoodles, and cat love. It's all about the little things.

Last weekend, I cherished every relaxing minute spent at home. My week off of school was coming to an end, and I knew that once March hit my life would spiral out of control with reports, parent teacher conferences, my class' transportation study culmination, and our school's first staff-led fundraiser. As predicted, I am now buried up to my ears in work, but these pictures from my quiet weekend make me smile and remember to breathe. 

Cheers to the little things in life... 

Tulips. I can't wait for spring to officially arrive. Until then, tulips might be my new flower of choice for my desk. 
Snickerdoodles. There is nothing more comforting than a plate of fresh baked Snickerdoodles and a glass of ice cold milk. 
Cat love. Boo may not be much of a cuddler, but she is always right by my side. Or on top of my laptop. I love her. 
Afternoon naps. There is really nothing better.
Love. This mug will forever make me smile and think of my beautiful nieces who helped me make it. Who knew so much love could be put into one little mug.
Hope your week was full of little things that made you smile. Happy Friday!

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  1. Looks like a wonderful weekend at home, I could so use one of those right now!

    Snickerdoodles are one of my absolute favorites :)


  2. I love tulips too, they're my favourite flowers.

    I also love Boo, she's adorable. My cat's not very cuddly either, but she never seems to be far away.

  3. Love Boo! But of course I'm very partial to cat pics... Happy Weekend!

  4. Love all of this. Cats and any thing cinnamon are the best. Happy Weekend.

  5. Such a sweet post! Those tulips are so gorgeous. I've yet to bake homemade snickerdoodles, but they are some of my very favorite cookies! YUM!


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