Reunited... and it felt so good.

This morning Brian, Emily, and I reunited with our favorite little Brooklyn donut shop, Peter Pan. After settling into our worn black leather stools at the counter, we ordered coffees and a few of our favorite donuts. We thoroughly enjoyed a red velvet cake donut, an autumn spice donut, and a stacked bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich as we eyed new trays of fresh pastries being carried out. By the time we left an hour later, we had added a honey dip, a french cruller, and a pumpernickel bagel to our bill.

Mornings at Peter Pan never disappoint.


  1. Oh my gosh...all that food looks amazing!!! Now I am hungry lol... looks like a blast!! Reminds me of the summer I spent in Boston...the local shops and restaurants were just like that!!! Love it!!!

  2. pardon as I just drooled all over your blog :)

  3. Donuts have just got to be one of the most delicious things ever! My Grandpa used to take us to his favorite donut shop every week when we were little and it's one of my very favorite memories of him :)

    And those heart cookies look amazing!

    Happy Monday!


  4. i can't handle all the amazing NY food!!!! :0 so freaking OUT!
    is that donut a JOKE?!!

  5. Ok these foods are making me so so hungry! Especially that egg biscuit- oh yum!!
    YOu have a really cool story by the way, awesome you get to live in NYC!

  6. Yum. I love the heart shaped biscuit!


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