Life according to Instagram, Week 4.

1. On Monday, my friend Maia brought me peanut butter honey BACON cookies! I loved them. And even more than the cookies, I love that I work with such thoughtful people!
2. When the forecast gives us highs in the fifties, our red Toms come out.
3. On Tuesday, we spent the afternoon exploring the New York City subways. The kids learned all about subway maps the day before, and worked together to plan our routes to several destinations. Before we got on our first train, we spent some time observing the Dekalb station.
4. The kids sketched the turnstiles, station booths, and Metrocard machines in their research notebooks.
5-8. Our main destination for our trip was the 14th Street/8th Avenue subway station. We spent an hour exploring Tom Otterness's Life Underground, one of my favorite public art displays in the city. We went on a sculpture scavenger hunt, and spotted over 100 figurines on the platforms. It was so fun to hear 26 kids shriek with joy every time they spotted a new bronze statue. I can't wait to visit Tom's studio with the kids next month! (Here are some pictures from my class's trip to the studio last year)
9. Fresh flowers make me so happy.
10. On Wednesday, my oh-so-reliable Q train broke down at 49th Street. I found myself racing through Times Square at 7:45 am, where it was surprisingly calm and quiet.
11. Another day, another fun field trip with my second grade friends!
12-14. My class spent the morning on Thursday in Grand Central admiring the architecture of the main concourse. After sketching, we ate lunch downstairs and talked to each other across the Whisper Wall before heading back to school.
15. It snowed twice this week in NYC. No snow stayed on the ground, but it was really pretty as it fell.
16. On Saturday, my friend Brianne and I hopped on a bus at Port Authority to Woodbury Common, the best outlet mall around. I scored some major deals at J Crew, Gap, Levi's, and Barney's, and can't wait to wear my new purchases in Florida next week!

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  1. I always love your pictures :) Not gonna lie, I'm a little jealous of the snow...I was hoping for a big snow in Kansas before we moved down to Austin, but it never came.

  2. Wow, you live in such a beautiful place Daina! It's my dream to live for at least a couple of years in NYC one day :)

    And peanut butter and bacon cookies, sounds interesting!


  3. Looking forward to these weekly posts! Grand central is truly that: grand. I love it. And the whisper wall is so amazing, isn't it? Been to Woodbury once I think, looooong time ago. Loved it!

  4. I love the snow photo! I actually love all of the photos! I am dying to experience NYC!

  5. Love these photos! NYC looks so beautiful!

  6. Bacon cookies!? Seriously!? Yum.

    I love all the statues too, they are really cool. :)

  7. Um, bacon cookies? Sounds like heaven on earth to me. And, mannn, I keep fighting the urge to get red Toms ... but it's getting harder by the day. :(

  8. love those toms girrl!!



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