Well, at least the cupcakes were good.

I could barely contain my excitement all day last Sunday. Brian and I had plans to watch the Super Bowl together that night, and for the first time I was truly eager to watch the game. For years, I have been a passive football fan, tuning out the plays, passes, and touchdowns and devouting my attention to the ever-important sports snacks and catchy commercials. But, this year, Brian's devotion to his home team was instilled in me. I could not wait to watch the Pats battle the Giants for the Superbowl title. I spent the morning cutting out little Patriots for my cupcake toppers, which eventually were stuck into my best batch of red velvet cupcakes yet. Hours later nachos were layered, buffalo chicken dip was made, and pigs in a blanket were wrapped with care. We were so ready for the game...
And then that painful fourth quarter happened. Balls were dropped and our team unfortunately lost, but it was still a great night. It was so fun to watch the game with Brian. And man were the cupcakes good.


  1. Oh no! :O
    Oh well, I guess good food really does make up for everything! :P

  2. Those cupcakes look amazing! I'm glad you two had a wonderful time :)

  3. Cute! Love the cupcake print outs :)

    We were also going for the Patriots, such a bummer :/


  4. you know, this is getting spooky because I have that book, too. Hmmm.... Haven't tried that recipe yet though so I might I have to give it a try! I'm not a particular fan of the vanilla frosting, it's just so sweet. But I love the Hummingbird chocolate cupcake recipe!


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