Life according to Instagram, Week 11.

Another week brought to you by Instagram...
1. & 2. The trees this spring are ridiculous. This magnolia tree was enormous and so beautiful.
3. At family teacher conferences a few weeks ago, a parent mentioned that her son wanted to learn how to sew. Apparently he was a quick learner, because last week he came in with his very own homemade Ugly Doll. I was so impressed, and joked that if he was taking orders I would really love one of his creations. Five days later, he walked into my classroom grinning and handed me a brown paper bag. Inside was Milky Way, my very own ugly doll. It was such a thoughtful gift, and I had to laugh that my love of chocolate made its way onto my doll.
4. On Tuesday my class visited Tom Otterness's studio in Brooklyn. We had an amazing time sketching his work and learning about his artistic process. (more pictures from our visit coming this week)
5. A beautiful way to start a school day.
6. On Wednesday morning, we were out of the classroom again on another field trip adventure. This time, we walked to DUMBO to compare what Front and Dock Streets look like today compared to what they looked like in the painting we saw last week at the museum.
7. Union Square Greenmarket.
8. The view up Lexington Avenue is amazing. After nine years of living here, I am still in awe when I see things like this.
9. Layers of buildings near Union Square.
10. Last year, my obsession with Ralph's Italian Creme Ices was born. After trying it on a trip to Port Washington, I was hooked. Once I realized last week that the location on Lexington and 24th had opened again for the season, I had to have a cup of my favorite flavors as soon as possible. I eagerly headed there after work Wednesday night.
11. First, I ordered my favorite combination from last year: one scoop of chocolate fudge brownie and one scoop of peanut butter cookie dough. When I was cashing out, I noticed that there were some special flavors listed separately inside. Many of them included my favorite peanut butter creme ice, and I knew it was only a matter of minutes before I was back for more.
12. After enjoying my first cup and making some phone calls to family in the plaza across the street, I headed back to Ralph's for a second cup. I was so embarrassed. I walked up to the window and went into this whole speech about how yes, I had just been there, but I needed to try more flavors. I requested that even though I was paying for another small, under no circumstances were they to fill it as full as my first. They laughed and happily gave me my cup of peanut butter and jelly and peanut butter and fluff creme ices. It was absolutely delicious, and definitely worth the second trip back.
13. The townhouses and buildings surrounding Gramercy Park are beautiful. There is so much history in that neighborhood.
14. As I said when I originally posted this picture, some New York City blocks are just magical...
15. Gramercy Park (from the outside of course, since only residents of the neighborhood have a key to get in!).
16. Stripes of dark clouds on my way home from work.
17. For the first time in my life, I bought lottery tickets this week. Once the jackpot hit $540 million, I couldn't resist. It's funny how once you purchase tickets you immediately start to think about what you would buy when you win. I unfortunately was not one of the three winners. But man, I had some great plans for how to spend that money!
18. Easter cards are going out this week. I love Peeps! And I love any chance to send out real mail.

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  1. I think I want to plant a magnolia tree. I didn't think they could survive in MN, but I saw one last week that looked beautiful, and since we don't have winter anymore I think I should do it!

  2. Wow, WOW to your Magnolia trees, and the other spring flowers but the Magnolia really stands out. I think I have to get one too.

  3. That magnolia tree is gorgeous!! And the Italian Creme Ices look delicious!

  4. The city looks absolutely stunning with all of the flowers blooming! And that ice cream looks delicious, I would have gone back too!


  5. Great shots! Looks like a fun week and those Italian Ices look delish.

  6. Love your pictures. SO nice to see a glimpse of the East Coast through your Instagram!

  7. Hahaha, love that you went back into the ice cream place, and that you felt you had some explaining to do. I would do the exact same thing (that's if I got myself to walk back in there). We've had some ridiculous flower trees too this spring. Some I've never seen before!

  8. oh man, i just moved back from new york. now i miss it.

  9. My office is close to the Ralph's on 24th! So you prefer the chocolate-y ones to the fruity ones? I will definitely head there with your recommendations in mind!

    Getting in to Gramercy Park is on my NYC bucket list. I may stay in town next Christmas eve for it!

    I just got an iPhone - I'm off to follow you on instagram!


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