A photo a day...

Somehow, March whizzed by and April completely snuck up on me. I think it must have been all of the amazing summer-like weather we were blessed with last month, along with an intensely busy and jam-packed schedule at work. Hence, my March Photo a Day challenge shots are getting posted a little later than planned...

I am still loving the photo-a-day challenges for a couple reasons. I love that regardless of how busy I am, the challenges remind me to sneak in at least one picture a day. Also, it is fun to pay attention to the little things around me that I might have not noticed without the suggested daily themes. Here are my 31 photos for the 31 days of March...

1. Up Looking up on one of the first subway cars in NYC at the Transit Museum with my second graders.
2. Fruit An apple a day...
3. Your neighborhood Looking down my block in Astoria.
4. Bedside
5. A smile My niece Sage always makes me smile. And she has the cutest smile!
6. 5 pm Where I always am at 5 pm- in my classroom.
7. Something you wore My moccasin booties are a staple in my wardrobe.
8. Window The view from the window on my morning subway ride.
9. Red NYC flower stand.
10. Loud NYFD. Sirens are one of the many loud noises New Yorkers grow accustomed to.
11. Someone you talked to today My mom while she was visiting.
12. Fork One of my favorite dishtowels.
13. A sign A sign from my little sister Katie that hangs in my kitchen.
14. Clouds No clouds in sight on March 14th!
15. Car This is the key to my car.
16. Sunglasses My favorite sunglasses- gold Ray-Ban aviators.
17. Green Green nails and green mug on St. Patrick's day morning.
18. A corner of your home My shoe and scarf corner.
19. Funny It's funny how many mornings I considered Mini-Eggs breakfast.
20. Before/after The before and after of spring blooms.
21. Delicious Great-grandma pizza from our weekly pizza date night. Yum!
22. Kitchen sink My Fiesta dishes are always in or next to my kitchen sink.
23. Moon One of my favorite children's books.
24. An animal Boo hunting for pigeons.
25. Breakfast An amazing Sunday brunch prepared by Brian- pancakes, bacon, spinach omelette, and coffee.
26. Key Of course, my Godiva rewards card is right up front.
27. Your name My name on the charts I used when modeling how to write a fairy tale with my second graders.
28. Trash One of the many recycling signs around my school made by our fourth and fifth graders during LSA (Learning Through Service and Action).
29. Feet My favorite moccasins- seven years old and still going strong.
30. Toy Boo loves her laser!
31. Where you relax I have spent countless hours on this corner of my couch watching TV, reading, and taking naps.
I am participating again in the April Challenge. Are you? If you want to follow me on Instagram, my username is Daina_A.


  1. I always enjoy your photographs ... photo challenge and the ones in general. I tried to do this but I couldn't hang. Really enjoyed this! :D

  2. I just got the iPhone so I may have to join in on April's challenge! :)

  3. I always love your photo a day posts :) My ray bans are my favorite sunglasses too!


  4. Love the old subway car... wish they still looked like that.


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