Life according to Instagram, Week 14.

Another week brought to you by Instagram...
1. Brianne and I celebrated the end of our spring break at Coney Island on Sunday. I loved riding the Wonder Wheel and the Cyclone. 
2. NYC felt like summer this week with sunny skies and warm temperatures. 
3. If you looked up happy feet in the dictionary, you might see this picture. Summer shoes make me smile! 
4. Tulips at the New York Public Library in Bryant Park. 
5. Apparently I thought this was a good pre-gym snack before my training session with Brian (who is also a holistic health counselor... he would have been so proud). I am such an eating disaster when left alone!
6. Date night in. Called Leng Thai at 9:30 pm to order; food arrived at my door at 9:42. Doesn't get better than that. 
7. & 8. Brianne and I headed to Shake Shack in Brooklyn Wednesday night to try their peanut butter shake. It was delicious. 
9. We decided to walk back to Manhattan to work off some of the shake calories... 
10. Brooklyn Bridge love. 
11-14. After years of living here, I am still in awe as I walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. As we walked across Wednesday evening, we kept saying how lucky we were for this to be our walk home from work. I really do feel so lucky. 
15. & 16. I have seen these little guys around Fort Greene for months and they always make me smile. They are also all over the Brooklyn Bridge. Anyone know anything about them? 
17. Construction art on the bridge. 
18. Pink spring. 
19. Downtown Manhattan at its finest. 
20. Some of my favorite pieces from my wardrobe: old leather jacket, moccasin sandals, maxi skirt, green vest, and a gold heart. 
21. My shoe obsession has reached new heights this year. 
22. I wrote about connections on my blog this week, and that time that I met Kelle Hampton in Central Park. 
23. & 24. A family at my school brought in the most gorgeous flowers left over from an event on Thursday. They brightened up so many classrooms and the office! 
25. Date night! Brian and I had the best time at an intimate, acoustic Guster concert in Tarrytown, NY. 
26. Road trip snacks. 
27-30. Happy hour returned on Friday with a wonderful turnout at Cafe Habana. I love the people I work with! And I love margaritas!

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  1. Hey Diana. Love your pics. Now following on instagram. how was the Starbucks mini pie thing? I've been dying to try one.

  2. This is one of my favorite instagram recaps so far - so much color and fun! Those flowers are gorgeous!


  3. Loved your pics this week as usual! Your pictures make me want to live near a big city where there are always things to do instead of my small town! :)

  4. Ohhhhhh those tulips! Wishing tulips were so abundant here like they are there! Gorgeous pictures!

  5. Wow. Those photos are so lovely! I had no idea you met Kelle Hampton, how awesome!!! Tulips are my favourite flowers and I love summer sandals too... new nail polish colours as well :) What a fun place to live! xx

  6. LOVE both those pairs of sandals, and your toenail polish! Cute! :)

  7. All your sandals are so cute. I need to start looking for a pair.


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