My NYC Diary

When I discovered Kate's blog, Embarrassment of Riches, it was love at first sight. She writes about the best restaurants, sights, and activities the city has to offer and has a variety of posts highlighting the things that make New York City one of the best places on earth. I find myself constantly visiting her Eating and Drinking in NYC page when I am wandering the city and am in need of a good meal. She also recently started a new series, If You Find Yourself In..., highlighting the best places for lunch, drinks, coffee, and sweet treats in neighborhoods throughout the boroughs. Basically, her blog has become my own little New York City travel guide. It is the best.
I was introduced to her blog through her NYC Diary series, where Kate asks other New York City bloggers to share their city secrets and favorites. I am so excited and honored to have my own NYC Diary on her site today! Please head over to Embarrassment of Riches to check it out, and make sure to keep following Kate's blog. You will love it!


  1. Daina, this made my month! Your kind words have me floating on air - thank you! And I am so honored that *you* were willing to participate in the NYC Diary series!

  2. Exciting Daina! Going over to check it out now :)


  3. I love this! I don't know enough NYC bloggers and it's great to discover more!


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