Life according to Instagram, Week 16.

Another week brought to you by Instagram...
1. We started our Sunday morning at Peter Pan. We love our donuts! 
2. Obey. Brooklyn. 
3. Astoria. 
4. If Stacy and Clinton saw me walking down the street they would have taken me directly to the What Not to Wear studios. Red Sox hat, old sweatshirt missing its buttons, and bright pink sweatpants. Definitely not a fashion blogger. 
5. A much needed pedicure and US Weekly. 
6. Ha. By the time I read this I had consumed well over 1,200 calories on donuts and cookies alone. Yeah right Jessica Alba, that's just not happening. 
7. I cooked this all by myself! This is a major accomplishment for me! I rarely eat vegetables and do not like cooking, so preparing this meal for myself made me very happy. 
8. Brian and I did a horrible job training our cat. Boo actually steals food right off my plate...
9. On Monday night I had dinner at my friend Andrew's apartment. Andrew and I grew up together in Minnesota, and it is always nice to catch up. This time I also got to meet his wonderful girlfriend! We chat over vegetarian pasta and the most delicious vegan orange cake. I hope to recreate this cake soon and post the recipe! 
10. After dinner we played Dance Central 2, my new favorite game. It was so much fun! 
11-14. Tuesday afternoon Brianne and I were in need of our weekly ice cream fix. Originally our plan was to return to Ralph's for our favorite peanut butter cookie dough ice, but once we heard about the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop we had to try it. After reading the menu online,  we wanted every single thing they served and knew this would be the first of many trips to the little shop in the East Village. For my first Big Gay experience I went with the Salty Pimp. It was absolutely delicious- the dolce de leche and sea salt were perfectly infused throughout the entire cone and each bite was the perfect combination of sweet and salty. Brianne tried the Monday Sundae, which included a waffle cone lined with Nutella. Like I said, we will definitely be going back soon! 
15-18. Of course, after our ice cream we needed some "real food" to balance out our sweet treat before heading home. Brianne mentioned that Pommes Frites was around the corner, a Belgian french fries shop that I had not been to since my freshman year at NYU. I was so excited to return! We thoroughly enjoyed our cone of fries with rosemary garlic mayonnaise and Parmesan peppercorn dipping sauces. 
19-22. I stumbled upon the Occupy protests on my way home Tuesday night. 
23. I love my new mint green oxfords! They were just as comfortable as I hoped they would be. 
24. Keeping it classy with red wine and prosciutto wrapped Twix bars in Brooklyn. 
25. Nothing like second graders working while Fleetwood Mac plays on the smart board. 
26. Our Brooklyn Bridge study is appearing in the kids' artwork. Under attack! (I love the super hero flying in to save the bridge)
27. My lazy Saturday companion. 
28. Boo is not a lap cat, but she is always right by my side. I love her. 

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  1. Mmmmm... I love me some donuts! And I just realized how much I need a pedicure, ha ha!
    Great weekend!

  2. Love donuts! Our dog does the same thing, she'll try to take the food out of your hand while you're eating. Woops! ;)

  3. Your food pictures always make me hungry on Instagram! YUM YUM!

  4. Peter Pan, Big Gay Ice Cream and Pommes Frites! So many of my favorites. Now I'm hungry.

  5. 1200 calories? Oh please. Where's the fun in that?

    And hey, cats can't be trained, right? That's why they're cats. Boo looks like a smart cat to me :)

  6. Heheheh I love the photo of Boo stealing the food from your plate! The look on her face is priceless! :)


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