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Just like March, April seemed to fly by (how is it already May 8th?!). New York was blessed with weeks of sunny weather, Brian and I had a romantic getaway to Cape May, and I spent a lot of time catching up with friends around the city. It was a fantastic month. I also participated in the April Photo a Day Challenge

Here are my 30 photos for the 30 days of April...

1. Your reflection Rainy day reflection. Do you see me? 
2. Color My nails were painted with my new favorite polish, Thanks a Windmillion, three out of the four weeks of April. 
3. Mail I love real mail! I sent out a lot of Peeps Easter cards this year. 
4. Someone who makes you happy It's no secret Brian makes me very happy. 
5. Tiny Our little ducklings in science were not so tiny anymore on April 5th! 
6. Lunch My lunch the first day of spring break was heavenly. Brianne and I sat outside and enjoyed Mexican food and margarita samplers in the West Village. 
7. Shadow My camera is always part of my shadow. 
8. Inside your wallet There are lots of credit cards and points cards inside my wallet. I am always happy when there is a full manicure card in my wallet- free manicure time! 
9. Younger you My first grade self at the Walker Sculpture Garden in Minneapolis. 
10. Cold We enjoyed cold frozen custard from Kohr Bros. in Cape May. 
11. Where you ate breakfast I eat breakfast every morning on my couch with my laptop. I love to catch up on my favorite blogs over coffee and toast! 
12. Stairs Brian and I on the stairs in Central Park during our shoot with Danielle
13. Something you found I found the perfect spot to enjoy a book and coffee in Bryant Park.
14. How you feel today How I feel many mornings. 
15. Sunset Watching the sun slowly set over Bryant Park. 
16. Flower Flowers drawn by one of my second graders in 2008. It still hangs in my closet and makes me smile whenever I look at it. 
17. Something you don't like I really don't like cooking. This is one of my easy go-to meals that I can actually manage to make- brown rice, salsa, black beans, and corn. 
18. Hair Same old- straight with lots of bangs. 
19. Orange I craved mango almost every day in April! 
20. Something you drew Drawing with Emily at our favorite Astoria diner. 
21. Bottle Antique milk bottle, which only holds fresh flowers now. 
22. The last thing you bought I am in love with my new mint green oxfords. 
23. Vegetable How embarrassing that they only "vegetable" in my refrigerator was a 50/50 fruit and vegetable juice. 
24. Something you're grateful for I am very grateful for my best friend Lindsey! Photo taken while catching up in our old neighborhood at Delta Grill. 
25. Looking down Peeps on my feet! 
26. Black + white One of my favorite places in the city. 
27. Somewhere you went Home from work on the Q train, from Dekalb Avenue to Astoria with fresh flowers in tow. 
28. 1 pm After hours of cleaning, my apartment was finally back to normal by 1 pm on Saturday the 28th. 
29. Circle The most delicious circle. 
30. Something that makes you sad I am sad that I can't see my family in Minnesota more often. I miss them every day! 
Are you participating in the May Photo-a-day challenge? I am! You can see all of my photos by following me; my username is Daina_A.


  1. I LOVE reading about your New York adventures. Boston just doesn't seem to be as much fun :) We have a tripped planned to NYC Memorial Day weekend and I have a list of restaurants from your blog to check out. Thank you!

  2. Love the pictures! I'm doing the Photo a Day May challenge because I saw it on your page! So much fun, thanks for sharing!

  3. Really, how come it's May already?! Love your April shots, they're all so different and real and wonderful and fun! Maybe I'll manage to do this next year. For now, I just enjoy yours.

  4. You and Brian are SO cute together! I love the pictures of you two, together!

  5. Awww your pictures make me miss New York. Especially the yummy food and beautiful flowers!

  6. What an incredible month! Love your peep socks and the peep cards :)


  7. Photo a day - Pretty cool - that intimidates me too much to take a picture with a theme every day LOL - Great job though! Kudos to the free manicure card :) haha! I love those perks!

  8. I love your nail polish, and that little duck is way too cute! I want one, though my cat might not be too pleased.

    I am TRYING to do that photo a day thing this month, but I almost never remember. >.< Maybe I'll try harder in June. :P


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