Life according to Instagram, Week 19.

Another week brought to you by Instagram...
1. My clog sandals are back. 
2. Perk of being home in Minnesota- listening to all of my favorite CDs from high school. My CD books are jam-packed with memories. And the homemade CD mixes? Forget about it. 
3. Sunday we celebrated my little sister Katie's upcoming nuptials. It was a wonderful day! 
4. After a delicious lunch of fresh salads, soups, and breads, we indulged in cookie pizzas. My mom and I had fun prepping all of the desserts! 
5. The cookies were delicious (and so cute!). 
6. Africa preparations begin! 
7. My mom carefully packed all of the cookie pizza fruit leftovers in my suitcase back to NYC. I enjoyed fresh fruit all week! 
8. After days of rain, there was a little glimpse of sun Wednesday morning. 
9. Brooklyn brownstones. 
10. Wednesday morning our school attended an African dance performance at BAM. 
11. The theater is beautiful. 
12. After walking home with 26 second graders in the rain (sans umbrellas) after our morning at BAM, eating lunch with the kids, and no prep, I was in desperate need of some Ralph's after school.  
13. My peanut butter fudge pretzel and peanut butter chocolate chip cookie dough made me very happy. 
14. Sage turned four on Thursday! I got to see her open all of her presents over Skype. 
15. Our weekly pizza date night. I always have to take my first bite the second I pull my piece from the box. I just can't wait. 
16. Gloomy Friday morning. 
17. Where did the city go? My morning commute view was covered in fog Friday morning. 
18. Rain, rain go away... 
19. We celebrated our second grade May birthdays on Friday; I asked for seconds of the Mochi ice cream treats. 
20. 8th Street blur from the Q train. 
21. Union Square Greenmarket. 
22. Blue skies finally returned Friday afternoon! Amen! 
23. Stay away clouds. 
24. Good morning Astoria. 
25. Saturday morning pick me up while running errands. 
26. Roses are blooming all over Queens. 
27. Boo's daily routine. 
28. Saturday felt like summer! 
29. My favorite: The Chrysler Building. 
30. Sunset in Manhattan. 
31. Fleet week in NYC! 

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  1. now i'm sure it's been asked before, but where are those clog sandals from? i adore them!

  2. i always love seeing pictures of brooklyn. has the prettiest brownstone buildings. can't find those in the bronx. is that the J train? i swear they make the 6 train look super ugly hahaha

  3. I always enjoy your pictures of New York so much! I actually wanted to visit your wonderful city for the first time this year but sadly I won't be able to make it. But visiting New York is definitely something I want to do very soon :)

    Your blog is amazing! I'm always looking forward to your next post.

    Have a great day!


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