So happy.

A few weeks ago, Brian and I had the pleasure of spending the morning with Danielle, of Danfredo Rivera, in Central Park. I had followed Danielle's blog and budding photography career for months and was so excited to finally meet her in person. I was equally excited to return to the site of mine and Brian's first kiss to take pictures together. We wandered around the south eastern corner of the park hand in hand while Danielle trailed behind with her camera. It was so much fun. Danielle was lovely and so easy to work with, and I couldn't help but laugh and smile every time I looked over at Brian, the man who makes me so happy.
I am so grateful to be with someone who can always make me laugh. I am so in love.

I am looking forward to sharing many more photos from our shoot with Danielle over the next few days. Please make sure to check out all of Danielle's work on Danfredo Rivera and Danfredo Photography. She is wonderful and I am so impressed with all of the moments she captured for us! See more images here:

*All photos courtesy of Danielle Rivera. Makeup courtesy of Nydia.


  1. Those are such cute pictures! I love when the photographer can capture the nice moments with making the pictures look too "pose-y". They look really natural and genuine. You have a very beautiful "I'm in love" smile.

    Love the one where the guy is playing and you guys in the background. So clever.

  2. Beautiful photos!! You two are such a cute couple.. I can just feel the love oooozing out of these pictures! :)

  3. These are awesome! Beautiful!!

  4. Beautiful photos, I love the one of you in the background of the guy with the saxophone. :)


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