Life according to Instagram, Week 15.

Another week brought to you by Instagram...
1. Sunday morning was cool, gray, and rainy. The perfect morning to stay in and bake cookies. 
2. Milk chocolate chip ginger snap cookies are one of my all time favorites to bake (recipe here). 
3. Times Square at dusk. 
4. I love NYC corner flower stands. 
5-8. Wednesday night was our annual Community Roots Gala. It is always fun to get all dressed up, sip glasses of wine, and snack on hors d'oeuvres in the historic Brooklyn Trust Company bank (now Chase Bank) with friends. How gorgeous are Allison and Sahba?! 
9. It finally rained! I had been waiting for weeks to wear my new Hunters. 
10. Sarah's Key was my book of the week on my commutes to and from school. I loved it (thanks Grandma C. for giving it to me!). 
11. & 12. Saturday morning in Astoria. 
13. Apparently, I forgot my self control when I went to the market Saturday morning. 
14. Boo is just like her mom- annoyed when her naps are disturbed. 
15. After being lost at the post office for almost a month, I finally received notice that my Easter package from Florida had arrived. Happy Easter to me! 
16. My sister is the best. Look at all of those amazing Peeps treats. And Cadbury Mini-Eggs. Just when I thought I could get my eating back on track, my candy dish was replenished with my favorite chocolate eggs. 

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  1. I love that you live in NY! NYC is seriously at the TOP of my vacation destination list! Someday.... :)
    Yay for late Easter packages! Such a fun surprise in the mail.

  2. YUM! Cookies. Had lots of cookies this weekend too. I love your picture from Times Square. And I love the flower stands in SF as well... the city gets so colorful!

  3. I love your purple gumboots! They are amazing. :O

  4. I have been looking for your blog for the LONNNNGESSSST time. I forgot to bookmark it when I ran across it the other time, and now I am finally here! You have no ideaaaa how happy I am right now. Something about your blog fills me up with buckets of joy!!


  5. I'm glad I'm not the only one who uses instagram shots in posts. Sometimes I feel guilty because it's so easy and fun.

    I love your your lilac hunters!


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