Katie and Corey: The Rehearsal Dinner.

For the past year, my family eagerly anticipated the weekend of June 16th. On that special day, my little sister married the man of her dreams. Dresses were selected and fit, flowers were purchased, cakes were tasted, place cards were handmade, and before we knew it the evening of June 15th arrived: the rehearsal.

After families reunited with hugs and hellos, the bridal party lined up outside the sanctuary and reviewed how to walk and stand at the ceremony the next day. Nervous butterflies were quickly calmed with laughter as we practiced and asked any last minute questions. After the rehearsal at the church, we all headed to Corey's parents' home for dinner. We sipped "Kate-tinis" in honor of the blushing bride as we caught up with both family and friends.

Corey and Katie are high school sweethearts and one of the most fun-loving couples I know, and the casual, relaxed vibe of their rehearsal dinner fit them to a T. It was wonderful to have our families gathered together in celebration of the beautiful couple. Love was felt by all that night.
My younger twin brothers, Cody and Duncan. 
Katie with her grandmothers. 
My love. 
Corey's dad, Dave, toasted the couple before dinner. 
My step-dad, Chuck, and my mom. 
My siblings (minus my older sister, Chris): Connor, Cody, Lucas, Katie, Chad, and Duncan. And I swear, we did not coordinate our outfits beforehand. Blue was the undeclared color of the evening! 
Siblings plus our brother-in-law Corey and sister-in-law Jamie. 
All of us together, including Brian, my sister, Chris, and my nieces, Reese and Sage. 
Brian, boyfriend of Daina. Wear that name tag proudly baby! 
It wouldn't be a Minnesota get-together without some bars. 
The bridal party: Kris, Hollie, Sarah, Katie, Shannon, Stacy, Jamie, and Jamie. 
The groomsmen: Paul, Brett, Anders, Corey, Alex, Andrew, Kyle, and Chad. 
I matched my beautiful Grandma C., too! 
Reese was so excited to go to her very first wedding. 
My sister, Chris, with a plate full of desserts. Typical. 
My grandpa and grandma. 
Reese, Chris, and Sage. 
My sister was the most beautiful bride-to-be and was glowing the entire evening. I was so excited and honored to get to stand next to her as she married her prince charming.


  1. Love the first solo pic of Brian! You have the most beautiful family!!!

  2. Sounds like such a fun party! Isn't that great when you can celebrate in a way that is so typical/comfortable for the couple!

  3. Looks like such a great celebration! I had no idea that you had so many siblings... coming from a small family, big families have always sounded like so much fun :)



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