Life according to Instagram, Week 23.

Another week brought to you by Instagram...
1. Swimming with Grandpa Chuck is a Minnesota trip highlight for Reese and Sage. They absolutely love it. 
2. Our little fish. 
3. We thought Connor might be a little hung over after the wedding Saturday night, but he was all smiles with a Mike's Hard Lemonade in the hot tub early Sunday morning. Oh Connor. 
4. A storm cut our swimming day short. 
5. My little Sage-face. 
6. Katie and her wolfpack men. 
7. I loved every page of Bloom. It made my subway commutes fly by this week!
8. Astoria sunset. 
9. Alli's favorite part of field day is using the megaphone. My boss is the best. 
10. Kindergarten, first, and second grade field day was a blast. The water balloon toss is always a highlight. 
11. The dreaded forecast. Temperatures in the high nineties with high humidity is a nightmare in the concrete jungle. 
12. Wednesday afternoon we took our second graders on a boat ride around Manhattan in honor of our transportation study. We braved the heat and had a great time admiring the skyline and passing under the Brooklyn Bridge. 
13. Manhattan love. 
14. Lady Liberty. 
15. Ralph's was necessary after our boat trip. 
16. Ugh, it is so hot. 
17. 7 am, feels like 86 degrees. Ick. 
18. Iced coffee was necessary to survive the early morning heat. 
19. The last day of school involved lots of cleaning, packing, and movie watching. We just finished reading our second graders Because of Winn Dixie, so it was the perfect feature for the day! 
20. Done with another school year! Pumped and headed to happy hour. 
21. I love the people I work with so much. We celebrated another wonderful school year together at Graziella's in Fort Greene. 
22. I somehow ended up with two glasses of wine for most of the evening. 
23. Delicious pizza. 
24. Patios make summer feel all the more official. 
25. Brian and I had a date night in on Saturday night, complete with Chinese food, Cinderella Man, and  two pints of Ben & Jerry's. It was the best way to kick off summer. 

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  1. Hooray for summer! I finished up school last week during the horrific heat wave as well. Enjoy your time off!

  2. It all looks so awesomesauce...yes, even the forecast, heh heh.

    And I loooooove the Astoria sunset pic. ::sigh::

  3. What a lovely week you had :)
    You made me curious for the book "Bloom". I hope I'll be able to get it here in Germany.
    I've had Ben & Jerry's Peanut Butter Cup for the first time last year when I was in Boston - it's the best Ben & Jerry's I've ever had, seriously! BUT - we don't have it here in Germany :( What a shame. I love peanut butter, but it's not that common here. It's definitely time for another trip to the States :D

    Have a wonderful week!


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