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When I think back on May, I remember a best friend's wedding, an abundance of rain showers, my first detox/cleanse, and the anticipation of summer as countdowns were started and beaches opened. It is always enjoyable to reflect after a month has passed and reminisce as I scroll through my photos. 

Here are my 31 photos for the 31 days of May (from the May Photo a Day Challenge)...

1. Peace Peace?
2. Skyline My favorite skyline, taken from the Q train on my morning commute.
3. Something you wore today I think I wore my lavender Hunters more than any other shoes in May!
4. Fun! It is so fun to watch second graders create.
5. Bird The only bird I saw on May 5th...
6. You Ready to cheer on the Celtics!
7. Someone that inspires you Sahba inspires me every day at work. Such a positive and loving energy!
8. A smell you adore I have worn Angel by Thierry Mugler since I was 14 years old. I love it.
9. Something you do everyday I ride the subway every day.
10. A favorite word Love. Written by my niece on my favorite mug.
11. Kitchen Half of my little NYC kitchen.
12. Something that makes you happy Saltwater sandals make me happy. And weather warm enough to wear them!
13. Mum Me and my beautiful mom.
14. Grass
15. Love The love of my life. Photo courtesy of Danfredo Photography. 
16. What you're reading David Sedaris.
17. Snack Fresh berries are one of the many things I love about May!
18. Something you made A collage I made for my mom before I moved to New York, which still sits on her dresser.
19. A favorite place I am most relaxed at home in Minnesota laying by my parents' pool. This is my happy place.
20. Something you can't live without Brian and our weekly pizza date nights.
21. Where you stand Original wooden escalator at Macy's in Herald Square.
22. Pink
23. Technology Some of my favorites: my Macbook Pro, my Smart Board, and Pandora.
24. Something new A new favorite stand at the Union Square Greenmarket.
25. Unusual Completely alone on a NYC sidewalk.
26. 12 o'clock Lunch! Vegetable and lentil turnover from the Greenmarket.
27. Something sweet Emily and I made mud!
28. The weather today Hot, sunny beach weather.
29. A number 17- how many days of school left until summer!
30. Your personality Grateful and happy. Photo courtesy of Danfredo Photography. 
31. Something beautiful Flowers in the Conservatory Gardens in Central Park.
Are you participating in the June Photo-a-day challenge? I am! You can see all of my photos by following me; my username is Daina_A. 


  1. I love your purple gumboots, and all the photos on your fridge! Cute! :)

  2. I love your instagram feed (and NY) - always so happy and colorful!


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