Upper West.

Afternoons spent in the Upper West Side with my best friend Lindsey make my heart very happy.
Cookies from Levain enjoyed in Central Park make my heart happy, too. 
Weekend afternoons in New York will forever have a special place in my heart.


  1. Wow. Gorgeous photos. My husband and I would love to go back and visit! There's so much I want to see and do and nothing touristy either. I want to get cookies, shop at Space NK, & other boutiques. I bet thrifting is excellent in NYC too :)

  2. Those cookies look delicious! And the buildings and architecture are absolutely beautiful :)


  3. livin' the dream! for sure.

    visited nyc for the first time this past march. it was more than amazing!

  4. there you go again, making me all nostalgic and "homesick" for a different time in my life...it's ok! it's a GOOD feeling, in a strange way...

    i love uptown. it is just so different from the rest of the city (duh)....i've only ever been to the levain in the hamptons but, i need one every ummer or else i will die. i don't know what they do to those cookies, but they changed my life. they are indescribable.

  5. I love that I get to see New York through your blog. I think I've told you that a few times now, but it's always nice to "see" new places :)

  6. Love the purple apartment building and the sunflowers! :)

  7. Omg, I haven't been to Levain's in forever! That place is like, heaven.


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