In-N-Out = Delicious

During my visit to Long Beach, California, my dad and I had our first In-N-Out Burger experience. We were in awe as we stepped through the doors, eyed the menu, and smelled delicious burgers and french fries in the air.
We thoughtfully placed our orders at the counter, commenting the whole time on how amazingly nice the workers were and the cheap prices. We put on our hats, found a booth, and eagerly waited for our number to be called.
And when our food arrived, we dug in. Chocolate and strawberry shakes, burgers, and fries quickly went from our table to our bellies.
We loved In-N-Out Burger. So much actually, that we went back the next night for round two.


  1. Love your blog and enjoying your photography. Your glimpse of NYC is beautiful. I must, however, ask a silly question... what color nail polish are you wearing in these In & Out pics? HA! Important stuff, you know!

  2. Aw! I'm so glad you had your first in n out experience! Its the greatest!

  3. My family and I went on a trip to California last year and we had our first In & Out burgers...they were delicious. We were at the Ghiardelli Square location in San Francisco...and we ate outside where we were swarmed by pigeons...I think they like some In & Out burgers too!

  4. OMG my son used to work at IN and OUT - and another son lived in Long Beach. Small world.

    Funny I just surfed onto your blog (I'm from Northern California) and saw that. Caught my eye right off. New follower now. Hope you will follow me back as well.


  5. Oh this looks delicious! Love this post and the pictures in it.

    I got awarded with the "Liebster Blog Award" this week, and since I'm always enjoying your blog so much, I nominated you too.
    Here's the link if you like to join in:

    Have a wonderful week!

  6. This reminds me of a place by us called "Phat Burger" - it looks the same, and has the same concept - they even wrap the burgers the same. I wonder if it's the same owner or same franchise.... interesting! But I have heard In-n-Out is great!! Yumm!

  7. these pictures are so FUN! i looooove in-n-out burger. we experienced it for the first time last september while we were in california and i still dreeeeam about those burgers. so delicious!


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