Life according to Instagram, Week 24 (Part 2, California).

More of my week according to Instagram... California style. 
1. Union Station. 
2. Downtown LA, where I stayed my first two days in California. 
3. Ready to explore. 
4. Macaroni and cheese pie and a cream soda from The Pie Hole
6. I loved exploring the hand and foot prints at the Chinese Theater. This was my first trip to California, so I packed in as many tourist attractions as possible! 
7. Cocktails and dinner with an old friend at Bottega Louie
8. We enjoyed macarons for dessert. I liked them so much I went back the next day for more! 
9. When in LA...
10. This Broadway looks a lot different than the Broadway I am used to. 
11. Breakfast on the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica. 
12. Margaritas and Mexican food in Hermosa Beach. 
13-19. Friday night we celebrating Kim and Jamie's wedding at the Cicada Club. It was a beautiful evening, and the bride looked stunning! I loved all of the little details Kim planned, including the beautiful guestbook (bottom middle picture). We signed our names on the tree branches.
20. When my dad picked me up Saturday morning, he accidentally locked the keys in the car. Oops. 
21. Lunch on 2nd Street in Long Beach. 
22. My first experience at In-N-Out Burger! Two thumbs up!
23. Yum. 
24. Life is just a bowl of cherries. 

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  1. Looks like you had an incredible time in LA - your photos make me miss living there :)


  2. California girl here. Your life is now complete because you've had Inn-n-out. :o)


  3. Cool hollywood walk of fame shots! Hehe! And I am glad in-n-out burger lived up to its reputation! Always heard it was great! :) Beautiful bride for sure!

  4. Great pics! I'll be visiting L.A. towards the end of the month. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I did living in L.A for 10 months and i miss it every day! Love that city! and your pics are great ;)

  6. Love the owl on the pavement! :)

  7. saw your guest post on other blog and dropping by to say hi! You are a cute New Yorker and I love your photographs, as well as the traveling spirits. Plus I admire passionate teachers, being a violin teacher myself. I think your blog is interesting, so I'm following you now. Excited to know more about you! :)


  8. Ugh, California is great! Glad to hear you guys had a good time, and a good first trip. Steve and I are planning a trip to San Fran this winter. I've only been there once, and can't wait to go again. I can't believe you waited this long to go to CA!

  9. and now i'm california dreaming~

    wonderful photos. thanks for sharing!

    and i'm super jealous of you. i totally wish i could move to new york, too. ♥


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