A few more Instagram shots from sunny California...

Here are a few more Instagram shots from my last day in California...
1. My dad made a delicious breakfast Sunday morning- french toast, thick-cut apple smoked bacon, fruit, french press coffee, and a variety of pastries from a local Long Beach bakery.
2. Pinkberry snack in Santa Monica. It was my dad and Olga's first Pinkberry experience!
3. The Getty. 
4. Admiring the paintings in the West Pavilion at the Getty Museum.
5. Succulents in the Central Garden.
6. My dad outside of the East Pavilion at the Getty.
7. Venice Beach
8. My final evening in California; watching the sun start to set at Venice Beach.
9. One more stop at In-N-Out Burger before heading to the airport.
10. Saying farewell to my dad and Olga at LAX.

I am excited to share more photos from my adventures in California soon!


  1. Just...all that FOOD.


    Me wantey, dammit!

    Heh heh.

    The sunset photo is beautiful, plain and simple. Then again, all of your shots are fantabulous!

  2. You definitely hit all the "must-see" places :) The getty, venice, pinkberry, in-n-out - you had it covered girl!


  3. We're you in long beach?? I lived there as a kid and was just south most of the week!

  4. Loving all your California photos!! I've only been there a few times, but In N Out is always a MUST!!

  5. In-n-Out. Nothing more Californian than in-n-out! My husband's relatives were here from Wisconsin and that's the first place we took them for lunch! haha

  6. Yum, that Sunday morning breakfast looks amazing!


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