Life according to Instagram, Week 30.

Another week brought to you by Instagram...
1. Last Sunday was a bake cookies and stay in my pajamas all day kind of day
2. Monday morning I returned to work. After a few morning meetings, David and I were ready to set up our room... 
3. After a few hours, we were done! 
4-8. Monday night Joanna, Janice, and I reminisced about our adventures in Africa over margaritas and Mexican food at Habana Outpost. Looking through Joanna's scrapbook made me want to go back! 
9. Opening boxes of organizational school supplies is like Christmas for me... 
10. Back to my daily commutes and beautiful views of Manhattan from the Q train. 
11. Thursday pizza date nights are my favorite. 
12. Fun Fridays are back! Every year, we have buddies at work that we check in on and take extra special care. This week's Fun Friday challenge was dress like your buddies; Annie, Nicole, and I rocked the white and sunshine yellow combo! 
13. So excited to see my family in Minnesota! 
14. My sister Katie and brother-in-law Corey greeted Reese, Sage, and Chris when they arrived at baggage claim. 
15. I was so happy we got to see Katie and Corey before they flew out to Vegas that night! 
16. I came home to my favorite angel food cake from my Grandma C. She is the best! 
17. Up before the sun to drive up north to visit my Grandma A. 
18. Lake Mille Lacs. 
19. Welcome to Garrison. One of my favorite little pit stops on my drives up north. 
20. Just me and the open road. 
21. I love looking through my grandma's old photo albums. There were taken when my grandparents first started dating in the early 1940's. 
22. Pictures of my grandma and grandpa by the same fish I stopped at on my drive up north. 
23. My grandma's treasures. 
24. So happy to spend the morning with my grandma! 
25-26. Northern Minnesota. 
27-28. Pool time! 
29-30. My wonderful grandparents. 
31. On the bus to the Minnesota State Fair! Sage and Reese were very excited for their first trip to the great Minnesota get-together. 
32. Checking out the poultry barn. 
33. Pronto-Pups for dinner. 
34. Cheese curds. A Minnesota state fair staple. 
35-36. State fair by night. 
37. One of the many perks of my parents' house- sugary cereals I don't allow myself to buy back in NYC. I could eat an entire box of Fruit Loops in one sitting. 

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  1. Sounds like a fun week! Visiting family is always the best!

  2. I love the idea of Fun Fridays at work! I wish my school did something like that.


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