A dedication and celebration.

On our final day in Mzuzu, we had the privilege of dedicating the homes to the families and celebrating with them over a home-cooked African meal. Our celebration began with a performance from the women who already live in Habitat homes. They sang traditional songs as they danced around in a circle, and after a few songs we joined in. The women were incredibly welcoming, and I know that they will be an amazing community for Nancy and Happiness to be a part of. We also put on a little performance of our own, singing our version of the Hokey Pokey rewritten to capture our experiences during the build. We build a house together and we will it up with love. That's what it's all about! 

After the performances, we walked to both homes and officially dedicated them to the families. Our dedications were followed by speeches from our team leaders, Joanna and Janice, Nancy, and Happiness's brother. We also thanked the work crews for all of their guidance and support and the community for welcoming us into their village.   
The children watched the dance performances and dedication. 
Lisa and Claus presenting Nancy and her nieces with a photo of our team. 
After the presentations, we all ate lunch together in one of the finished homes near our worksites. Two women from the village graciously cooked our traditional feast of nsima, rice, chicken, beef, potatoes coated in nut flour, and greens. After plates were filled, we sat back and talked to the families about moving into their new homes and reminisced about our week. The team discussed upcoming travel plans around Africa and our lives back home as plates were replenished. Sitting together with the families for a meal was the perfect way to conclude our experiences in Mzuzu.
Lisa, Janice, Jo, and Joanna. 
Iris, Claus, and Will. 
It is difficult for me to put into words what my experience in Mzuzu meant to me. It was meaningful in so many ways, life changing really. We were thanked throughout the week by the two homeowners for the work we did, but what those amazing women do not know is how thankful I am to have met them. I will never forget their kindness, their compassion, their commitment to their families, and their smiles. I know that I am a better person for knowing them. And for that I am so grateful. 


  1. This is such an amazing story :) The African people really are some of the most warm, welcoming, and appreciative people I have ever met! It's amazing what a difference you have made in the lives of Nancy and Happiness!


  2. This is such an inspiring and moving journey you went through. Thanks for sharing about it! I've never been to Africa or in a mission like that, but I can only imagine how life changing it was.


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