Malawi via Instagram.

Before I write about my adventures in Zambia and Zimbabwe, here are some more pictures from my time in Malawi via Instagram. I loved posting photos throughout my journey for my friends and family back home- my mom even got my grandma and grandpa to join Instagram to follow along! Having my iPhone with me throughout my travels allowed me to capture so much at a moment's notice.
1. Roadside market on our drive from Lilongwe to Mzuzu.
2-5. Local markets and village scenes from Ntchisi Forest and Mzuzu.
6. & 7. Homemade, recycled toys. Watching the children play in the village was inspiring and eye-opening. They found so much joy in so little.
8. Village women in Mzuzu near our build site.
9. Dirt road traffic.
10. Victor, my right-hand man.
11. Working with Janice on the scaffolding at Happiness's home.
12. Shopping for fabrics in the market with Happiness and Nancy.
13. Heavy loads carried with ease.
14. & 15. The children on our worksite.
16. Lake Malawi.
17. Me, my camera, and a beer. Happy summer.
18. Yay! We found working wifi and real coffee at a hotel in Old Town, Lilongwe.

I am so grateful for these images and the memories they carry. Malawi will forever have a very special place in my heart.

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  1. Your photos are amazing Daina! What an incredible experience!!! Thanks so much for letting us in on your journey. :)


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