Life according to Instagram, Week 31.

Another week brought to you by Instagram... a little later than normal. 
1-4. I spent Labor Day weekend home in Minnesota. In between trips to the Minnesota State Fair, we made a breakfast stop at Nadia's Cakes, the new gourmet cupcake shop in my hometown. The decor was adorable and the cakes were to die for. We obviously bought a dozen... 
5. Me and my little brother Duncan, who is not so little anymore. 
6. My mom opened a braid factory at our house over the weekend... 
7. Sage, our little ice cream cone. 
8. Sunny didn't want my brothers Duncan and Cody to move back to school. 
9. My family loves bracelets. 
10. On the drive down to my brothers' college, we made a stop at our favorite big yellow barn. Candy, vintage sodas, applewood smoked meats, and over 4,000 puzzles... what more could a girl ask for? 
11. Southern Minnesota charm. 
12. Le Sueur, Minnesota. Valley of the Jolly Green Giant. 
13. Field after field. 
14. All moved in and ready to start their junior year! It was fun to help my little brothers move back into their dorms on Labor Day. 
15. Gustavus Adolphus, my mom's alma mater and my brothers' school. 
16. Heading back to New York. 
17. Second grade planning with my co-teacher David. 
18. First day of school sunrise. 
19. Brooklyn clouds. 
20. First day. Ready to make my fifth year of teaching better than ever. 
21. Handmade flowers from one of my new second grade friends. 
22. View from the hallway of my school. 
23. Look who I found in my bag whole packing for our weekend getaway... 
24. On Friday night we drove down the street where I took a photo nine years ago that is now my blog header. Memories. 
25. I lose all control on road trips. 
26. Road trip dinner stop- anywhere that serves peanuts and warm, buttered bread upon arrival is a place for me. 
27. My cute dinner date. 

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  1. Wow hold up ! Worlds largest candy store?? Holy cow I am so there if I ver visit MN! That just sounds amazing! I lok at your pictures and every time I get hungry - like those cupcakes with reeses on top or whatever that is! Really? I am so lucky our cupcake place in town is closed after work LOL! MY hips are lucky!


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