My top five beverages in Africa.

While I was in Africa, I quickly developed a liking for several beverages that could be found throughout the region. Joanna, Janice, and I loved perusing the aisles at various People's and Shoprites in different cities in search of our favorite sodas, juices, and wines. We also made a point to sample the beers at each of our lodges over games of Spades and long conversations. And by the end of my journey, my top five beverages were established...

5. Any type of guava juice. Guava juice is basically candy in a jar. Every time I saw it in a market, I purchased and consumed it immediately. It was always a refreshing treat as we walked around town.
4. Carlsberg Green- Probably the best beer in the world. Carlsbergs are best when enjoyed with friends under thatched roofs with views of Lake Malawi. I am not sure if it is the best beer in the world, but I will say it is probably the best beer in Malawi.
3. Stoney Ginger Beer. I rarely drink soda in the states, but I couldn't get enough of Stoney Ginger Beer in Zambia.
2. Savanna Dry. Savanna Dry manages to taste like apple juice and have a 6% alcohol content. This cute little bottle packs a sneaky little punch...
1. Mosi Lager. Mosi Lager tops my list not because of its taste (although it was quite delicious), but because of all of the amazing memories made while drinking it. When I think of Mosi, I will remember sipping it at the bar in Croc Valley as hippos snorted and swam in the river a stone's throw away. I will remember drinking it as we cheered on the women's gymnastics team in Livingstone. And I will remember the friends that made my journey through Africa all the more meaningful. Only good memories of Mosi Lager.


  1. These beverages all sound so incredibly good! Apple juice with alcohol? Guave and Banana juice? My friends in the UK like ginger beer... sometimes with ice cream (like our root beer floats.) I love what you've written about Mosi. Cheers to that! xx

  2. I love all your posts about your time in Africa. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing experience with us :)
    It makes me want to go there and see everything for myself.
    Have a wonderful weekend.


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