Life according to Instagram, Week 41.

Another week brought to you by Instagram (a little later than usual)... 
1. Fall in New York. 
2. I am in love with this Crockpot recipe for Minestrone soup. Fifteen minutes of prep + 8 hours of slow cooking = several delicious bowls of healthy goodness! The first time I followed the instructions and pureed the beans; the second time I left them whole. Both ways were tasty! 
3. In love with my new arm candy (far left bracelet) from one of my amazing sponsors, Sibling Rivalry. Check out her shop! 
4. The construction site covering my school is insane! Workers are outside my window every night... 
5. Feeling the love in second grade while singing Count On Me by Bruno Mars. 
6. Lines. 
7. Astoria sunrise. 
8. & 9. Our school had a service day last Friday for the victims of Hurricane Sandy. Our fifth graders delivered school supplies from our school supply drive to a school in the Rockaways, while the kindergarten-fourth graders prepared meals for a Red Cross shelter. Kindergarteners decorated the meal bags, first graders made trail mix, second graders made Rice Krispie treats, and third graders made chili. After everything was prepared, the fourth graders packaged it all up and shipped it out. It was so amazing to see our entire school in action. 
10-12. Cards from my second graders to Sandy victims. Sending hope. We know things will be better. 
13. One of my favorite treats in Astoria. 
14. Fall flowers. 
15. OPI's We'll Always Have Paris with a little Warm and Fozzie bling. 
16. & 17. Date night! Dinner at Josie's, followed by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals at the Beacon Theater. Heaven. 

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