Oodles of noodles.

Yesterday I experienced the amazingness of ramen for the first time, and I honestly can't believe it took me so long to try it.

My friend Sahba is on a mission to dine at every ramen joint in New York City this fall and winter, so I happily tagged along on her first trip to Ganso. Our friend Mansi came along for the ride, too. After devouring our appetizers, we slowly ate bowls of ramen as we caught up about school, our students, and life.
Buta Kimchi Buns
Crispy Gyoza = AMAZING! 
“Stamina” Ramen
Ganso Ramen
Short Rib Ramen
On a cold November night in New York City, it is oh so comforting to be with good friends eating oodles of noodles.
I can't wait for my next ramen adventure! Any suggestions? 


  1. Oh my word, this makes me want to scout out a place for Pho in Johannesburg... there must be at least one in this huge city! The last time I had Pho it was for $1 in Vietnam.... and it was amazing!!!


  2. Yum! :O

    I remember the first time I ate ramen was in Japan. It had a raw, blue egg in/on it. o.O It was interesting, although clearly I survived the experience! ;)


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