Life according to Instagram, Week 42.

Another week brought to you by Instagram...
1. On Monday, I had my first NYC ramen experience at Ganso. It was delicious. 
2. So... I had to use a fork at Ganso. Mansi and Sahba were laughing at me, but little did they know I was able to eat twice as much twice as fast. 
3. I received my first order from Printstagram! The 4x4 prints are amazing, and I can't wait to order more! 
4. My desk might be my new favorite place in my apartment. 
5. NYC flower stand. 
6. Upper East Side. 
7. Wednesday night I walked by the Macy's balloons, all blown up and ready to fly! 
8. The Macy's parade is one of my favorite things. 
9. Decisions, decisions... 
10. Gray. 
11. Ready for our girls' day out! 
12. I can't really explain how excited I was to find this jacket for Emily on clearance for thirteen bucks. Score. 
13. Cartier, my grandma's favorite building on Fifth Avenue, is all dressed up for the holidays. 
14. Believe. 
15. Saturday we had a cozy, comfy night in with Emily complete with Elf, homemade french bread pizzas, and UNO. Actually, we watched Elf three times this weekend. We just can't get enough. 

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  1. I love every single one of them!
    And isn't Printstagram the best??

  2. I love the Printstagrams!! What a great thing for christmas presents... :)

    And Emily is adorable and so lucky to have you in her life!

  3. I must say, I love your instagrams; they exude this warmth and awesomeness.


    Heh heh.

    Gotta get into the prinstagram action and do an instagram wall at home à la Nat the Fat Rat.

  4. I LOVE how your instaprints turned out! So so cute :) Also loving Emily's new jacket, so stylish!


  5. Printstagrams?! Holy moly I am heading there right after I type this comment. Also: so random but I was clicking through old posts of yours and saw Michael's picture that he used to raise money for the hurricane. You know him?! I hired him a few months ago to shoot a benefit and know him through mutual friends. Small world :)

  6. Loved the printsagrams! I ordered some for myself - thanks for the idea!

    (A little shocked to see that they're shipped from Taiwan?)


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